The hip hop beats thread


Hip hop…like old flylo and j dilla and whomever.


Isn’t the thing like…dead? I feel like I’m the last one to even do this shit.


I’ve got the remnants of my dad’s once huge vinyl collection. When I get a chance to go through those was thinking of I might have to get some of those sounds loaded up on my Model:Samples and have a go at some beats.

Way too much on my plate at the moment to even think about starting that project though.


You may be the only one in your town, but tons of people are still making boom bap/lo-fi beats/gutter/hood beats/mixtape beats/scene beats/hip to the hop.

Rap/HipHop is the biggest selling genre of all times! Crazy cause growing up we use to get told that our black music was all sorts of negative things!! Including the likes of “techno”, lookitnow! :laughing:

Oops forgot to mention the whole UK grime scene! Nuff people from that scene doing their thing!

Oh and let’s not forget about all the yardies making dancehall beats…man I can go on for days about HipHop


sure isn’t as big as it used to be, but still some people doing it. Mostly beatmakers working with independent rappers

knwxledge still rather active too


Instrumental hip hop death grips style any1?


we are due a hip hop renaissance


Yeah, got what yer sayin. Just thought about the OP too much - mentioning FlyLo and Dilla I thought he meant specifically that type of beats whatever they were called.


Usually referred to as Experimental lo-fi rap beats.

Plenty of producers, and talent in this genre. Such as to the fact that it is a mainstream take on hiphop.

Artist such as Kendrick Lamar, Thundercat, MFDOOM, Kamasi Washington, guess Deathgrips could also be considered in that group.