The Hardware Megathread


Guitar Center, as much as I do not like them, has IK’s X-series pedals on clearance for $200 each.

Not just local, Musicians Friend is selling them for $200, too


We actually bought a soft synth the other day, we’ve basically given up on trying to make sounds with the miniak


Well, hell.

The things you don’t think about when making gear plans……

The Lexicon unit I bought, like I said earlier, is dual stereo. I run each of my 2 part synths panned hard left and hard right so I can split the input on my mixer into two mono channels for tracking each part to individual stems. Can’t put a stereo reverb in between the synth and the mixer if you want to be able to do that. Signal gets mixed up all over the place. Totally defeats the purpose of what I want to do. Going to have to put it on a send but at that point I have no need for a dual stereo effects box.

Been using gear for a loooooooooong time and still don’t consider everything.

Love the 7 day return policy on Reverb.



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Just looking at a picture, the Miniak seems hellish to make sounds on. Soft synths are great. I don’t remember what all you have, but if there’s ever a modern MPC or Maschine+ in the future, soft synths are great fodder for the autosamplers.


Well this is fucking crazy… Maschine+ for $888 and a free M32 o.O

Apparently the first URL is an affiliate link for Sanjay C. If you want an affiliate-free link it’s here:


Yeah, you basically need to use editing software to get the most out of it, and we’re kind of thinking we’ll give it a service and just sell it. It’s a great synth in theory, but in practice, not so much


While obviously hating the off topic and shunning you deviating from the accepted holy path…

Which one?


no no no no no no…


Okay so I tried to spend some extra time on this one to get the mix and the drum programming right. Normally I just toss a 4x4 kick in and call it a day due to a lack of time for any programming beyond that. Hopefully the extra work shows. I still struggle with arrangement using a hardware sequencer vs what I could do in a DAW but everything in life is a trade off, I suppose. I will say on the whole I’m way happier with this one vs the last one I put up a few weeks ago. I might just delete that last one to be honest because I think it’s the weakest offering on my channel.

Using 2 JX08’s this time, my new favorite synth……


Obviously I’ve no problem with a basic 4x4 beat. But the extra work is noticeable here. Like the deep but punchy kick sample. Perfect choice for this tune. Great work.


Guitar Center has a used Polyend Tracker for $450 or something. $50 cheaper than the cheapest used on Reverb.


Hexaxhord orb synth, it was £5 on plug-in boutique, so it didn’t feel like we we’re completely betraying the cause


I have Reveal Sound Spire and Pigments :eyes: I’m a bad hardware monkey :joy:


I’ve got a fuck ton of software synths.


I’m kind of off hardware synths. I’ve got two analog monos I love. Otherwise, if it sounds good I’ll feed it to my sampler…


Pigments and Vital only. Might sell Pigments…


I grabbed vital a few months back, crazy it’s feee.

Serum is my go-to though if I’m doing anything in the computer.


NI Komplete, Arturia Bundle, Serum…. I tend to use software more in client sessions due to the ability to have more readily available recall for edits.

For my stuff I track a lot of audio and if I need to rework stuff I’ll just recreate the patch. It’s never 100% the same and that’s part of the charm.


So do I, and that was the driving force behind my going back to hardware.


Serum looks really interesting, honestly thinking of selling the miniak and using the money to get serum