The Hardware Megathread


I’d actually considered lusting after one as my monosynth of choice, but a couple of factors made me want the arturia matrixbrute more. I just got a rev 2, which I love doing bass sounds on, so I was worried it’d sound too similar. And then if I HAVE to have another keyboard around (I’d rather have a module or something small), I’d rather go all the way for something like the MB.

Of course, neither is very realistic for me unless I buy a Jasper’s stand and rearrange my room for the second time this year, so realistically I’m going to end up with a bass station in the corner.


I would still love a Pro-2. I honestly think it is one of the most interesting mono synths out there. I truly don’t need polyphony. Damn you Roo…It might have to go on my short list for next fall now…it has so many cool features. Only downside is I don’t really want a keyboard for space reasons…


I emailed you a thing. The mental bits are the Pro 2.


Just got home from work but will boot up le studio in a while.


Because I don’t have the budget or the space for it.


Moog Sirin and Source Audio Nemesis delay.
This is a powerful little combo. Nemesis is a delay but has a lot of degradation options, pitch shifting, filtering options, a tremolo, etc. and with shorter delay times, can be used as a modulation multi effect.

Part of my iPad rig. The Nemesis also responds to program changes.


Everybody grab a coffee, a comfortable seat and let christian explained why the Mother32 is crap and the DFAM & Sarin are brilliant as well as a lot of other good gear tips…

Entertaining at the very least…


Was asked for some sound samples elsewhere. Definitely not a great demo, merely running thru the presets for my band’s setlist. But you can hear some of the interesting tails the Nemesis makes and some of the under the hood Sirin lfos. I start each line with Sirin only and bring in the Nemesis.


His comment around the 6:30 mark are why I hated the octatrack, ditched any notion of using elektron gear, and even more so my complete repulsion towards modular!


Stereo filter. Moog stereo filter. I don’t think anything else needs to be said.


It only took them 1,000 years…


If I had more gear I’d be all over the Pioneer Squid!


@Auto-meh-geddon found a pretty good price on a used MPC Live and ordered one a few days back. It was delivered yesterday. Been watching quite a few videos on it, Tube Digger mainly, and reading over on the Elektron forum about it too. Enjoyed reading your posts in that discussion over there quite a bit. In my mind I was like “hey, I know that guy!” :slight_smile:

Wife is out of town this weekend so I’m looking forward to getting some time with it. Only just powered it up for a bit but it’s definitely a striking machine visually in my rack. I’m also excited to see how I like sequencing in a different way than I’m used to with the Elektron boxes I’ve had.

I’ve just resigned myself to the fact that I enjoy buying gear and trying new stuff out. I’m okay with one in one out every so often. One day I’ll stick with a setup for a while but I’ve been having fun playing different things and making short jams. Being as the MPC is a much more robust sequencer than the digitakt maybe I’ll stick with it for a while as a center piece and dig in.

With most pieces of gear I’ve used there’s always some limitation I can’t abide. The MPC, on paper at least, seems to leave little room for small complaints of that nature. The most recent round of updates 2.3 / 2.4 really look like they make it a very comprehensive solution.

Hopefully it’ll gel with what I’m trying to do and I can get some good use out of it.


Good news, I’m really enjoying mine, apart from 2 complains, no automation editing in standalone and no pitch envelopes. You will feel awkward coming from an Elektron pow, as the sequencer is a completely different beast.
I’m currently experimenting with linear composition, recording one long evolving drone then improvising with clips, I never thought about using it this way, quite fun. Any questions, ask away.


On a separate note, I’m considering getting a Blofeld again…


This looks like it might be a must buy for me…


The price is slightly out of my comfort range to jutt headfirst into this beast, But damn…Dem arps will seduce.


It is different enough to be super interesting.


I’ve justified seven ways to sunday how I can swing a matrixbrute and then this comes along and it’s in the same price ballpark and I’m going to need to do the same re-arranging in my space to fit it. So the question is do I want this more than a matrixbrute? Which is perfect timing on their part because moog just hasn’t been in that conversation (of synths I’d spend more than 1k on) for me since the MB launched and now I’m about 2-3 months from it and this drops with widespread availability right in that timeframe.


As an owner of a Matrixbrute I can see the charm of the Matriarch and still a possibility of buying one, there two totally separate synths however if I owned neither then I can see the dilemma of trying to choose between both.

My problem with the Matriarch isn’t the synth but the people Moog get in to demo it, they make it sound so boring when I can clearly see by its features alone that it’s anything but boring