The glitch asthetic and music


sometimes i still hear a minor influence in other genres, but it seems like there’s only a handful actually making glitch music, is it dead, or perhaps am i not looking hard enough?


After the initial “clicks & cuts” gold-rush, the sounds we got from that were gradually assimilated into other electronic genres (hip hop, techno, drum & bass etc), but “glitch” generally stopped as a separate “pop music genre”.

You can find examples of similar trends in classical music, like (for example) how after the invention of the saxophone, a lot of new music pieces were composed for it. Most of it was, in my opinion, actually pretty lame, but after people had listened to the instrument’s capabilities for a while, it was gradually assimilated in to other genres of music (marching bands, jazz orchestras etc.).


It seems like glitch has always been a very niche genre, But I would say that with the increasing interest in modular setups, There will be more glitch.


I also think it’s kind of phased out of mainstream radio now