The fellow musicians support group...musicians anonymous :)


BFK wants to leave idmF. support our fellow human in any way we can. and let him decide after all has been said --0xy


Somebody get the duct tape, we can’t allow anybody to leave! :smiley:

Just kidding. I’m no stranger to just bailing on the regular, so I can’t really say shit about this one. I support you fellow bastards no matter what, wherever you go and whatever you do <3


Also, I come here for the political shitposts mostly. Just saying


I moved this thread to the sideroom…and changed the title to accurately describe it…


I appreciate you all. Thank you.


I guess i keep talking about politics because…ive had people constantly test every fiber of my being as if i were running for an election to a political office…and also had to defend myself against political machiavellianism in real life…it was such a retarded experience…

and in the past ive had constant debate about political issues.

Its like its all i know…and im trying to replace politics with actually being a person.

Because fuck political branding…its like having a penis painting stuff with actual feces…

And lastly the road to hell is paved with good intentions…


I am admittedly not paying a lot of attention to most threads on the forum, but are we arguing again?


No just me pondering if i was being too much of a cunt on idmf.


How to conquer your own demons…

Work and discipline. I guess.


HELLO. i spent the past 3 days rediculing myself for this thread. for creating this thread. and now i don’t feel bad anymore. i just want to promote my newest track! and get ALOT more drunk to forget the pain i am in. but i got a good smile twice after coming back to idmF. so this weekend. i can say “i smiled twice this past weekend”. at work. i can tell my coworkers this. thank you idmF. thank you for allowing me to factually smile TWICE.


Hello, my name is Metaside and I’m an electronic musicoholic. :wink:


Thank you @dj0xygen you are a kind and gentle person…

Hey! @bfk don’t leave! Maybe just engage a bit more in the music … and if you need a break from the music (Lord knows that’s me lately :persevere:) just engage in conversation.

You post a lot… that’s not a bad thing… maybe less start post and more respond post? Then at least you are not gone and we still get to hear your thoughts :thought_balloon:

I dunno :man_shrugging: I like this place and I like the people here, I miss some that are gone (like @Fidelium but not @thom … random examples that come to mind)

I’m trying to help… what do you need?


Legend has it, if you ping somebody 3 times, they get resurrected and then they have to post here for the next 7 years


He always wants to go somewhere, it’s okay :grin::rofl::kissing::kissing::kissing::smile::sweat_smile:


I gotta say…

Ive stopped watching anime…for a while…

And my brain is less full of fuck.


just wanted to say fuck politics on here. i never said that on here before. now i can say that in 2023 dj oxygen said “fuck politics” . in 2023? also who has converted to tiktok & added me as a friend on there? i just dropped a NEW VIDEO **************** (this is the point where you ask the poster, “is this a sample?”---- and he replies, "why yes, this is a sample- i took this “quote” from boxxy. "-- fucking add me on tik tok you slags. i wish i were british


I was being a political essay cunt because certain things reminded me of a ten year long pissing contest…of which the purpose was only nonsense and to stick it to each other…

Fuck those people.


I figured something out…

Whenever i get triggered by politics or feel like writing a political essay… ill just think of vanessa kirby…lol




We could do another idm breakcore release…either a comp…or an ep by a single artist…

Idk just an idea…

Maybe ill attempt to make a breakcore idm ep for idmf…


My Dad used to say “Noting beats a failure like a try.”