The diy builds/circuit bending thread


post/share anything concerning diy builds or circuit bending…


I circuit bent my cat and now I’m going to prison. Does that count?


Please place cat inside of here for missing node(haha autocorrect spelled :nose: nose):


i miss circuit bending. i havent bent anything for about 4-5 years. i wish i had time these days!

#5 was a good resource for me, the forum was great too. the guy who runs the place sent me loads of free toys to bend.


Hmm, I was about to start this thread and the forum reminded me it already exists. Cool feature, and I’m creeped out to see that this was almost a year ago.

I’m really curious about starting a project years after selling my old casiotones and loads of shit that I could’ve actually used. I’ve never bent anything in my life, but seeing how chance-based it really is has piqued my interest.

This tutorial seems like a good starting point, being fairly in-depth. I also like his little modular environment which looks like even more fun than traditional switches.


Thread necro revive… :smiley:


Some physics stuff so that peeps dont electricute themselves and to make better mods…