The books we are reading


Found out about anti machiavel by frederick the great king of prussia…

The anti machiavel is a point by point rebuttal of machiavelli.

Will read anti machiavel in the future.


Reading anti machiavel…difficult read…cause it presents machiavelli alongside the rebuttal.

Have so many books to read…beats watching tv.

Summary…of anti machiavel…

Karma always wins…
People can always smell bs shenanigans
A ruler has a responsibility to their people.


I recently read Roadside Picnic. Great book, easy few hours read. I feel like they need to really, really make a show based on it (I know they tried but failed and there’s a somewhat recent pilot sitting on a shelf somewhere) and have a nice overarching story. Perfect for Netflix.


Tarkovsky’s Stalker was based on Roadside Picnic. It’s certainly based, ie not an adaptation, but you can definitely see the influence. I’m not much for moving pictures these days, but I do think it’s a great sci-fi work and would lend itself to something serialized.


I love that movie dude. That whole scenario is sci fi gold.


Virginia woolf short stories…

It was either that or Jane austen…

So I picked woolf because of pride and prejudice and zombies…

Not reading it to get laid…

Just Trying to clear my mind of the thought garbage from the Trump era.


I would recommend the ancient Greek play lysistrata by aristophanes…because feminism from 4000 to 3000 years ago…

Even though it’s a comedy about a bunch of women withholding sex from the men as a protest to the Peloponnesian war.

From a historical standpoint it is interesting to see what’s changed and what’s remained the same.


Finished reading woolf’s short stories.

In review they were more creative exercises…not really enthralling to my own imagination…great writer but English society of the late 1800s early 1900s isn’t really a compelling topic to me.

So far I have come across similar themes that are present in other books that I’ve read over the years.
Will take a break from her

Now I’m reading intro to jungian psychology…because similarities and differences of human nature…because people have some similarities in their shadow…and by shadow I mean the similar thoughts that they don’t express to each other but unwittingly share…

Will read woolfs a room of one’s own some other time.


Just finished “The Beatles” by Bob Spitz… about 800 pages but I couldn’t put it down from paragraph 1!

It’s a fascinating story… of course… but Spitz wrote it like a Novel. The first third is about them discovering music and each other… The middle third is a day-by-day trip through several years of Beatlemania (mind blowing!) and the last third is their slow train wreck of a band, of marriages, of friendships, business relation ships.

Really enjoyed the insight into the creation every song, and every album from composing to arranging to performance to recording,

I never expected to be so blown away by a story I thought I more or less already new.