The 80's

I like shoegaze and some stuff but idk…
Some of it was hit or miss in my book…

What are your fav 80s songs

I like joan jett…and tears for fears…lyrics were great but aesthetically the some of the sound was cheesy…

I liked everybody wants to rule the world, mad world, and r.e.m

That’s about it though…

I guess you had to be there :wink:

There were so many incredible bands I could be here all day.

Mainstream music was usually pretty terrible though - that’s kind of a mainstay of every decade, isn’t it?

PS: while the term was coined in the late 80’s as a pejorative description of some bands, “shoegaze” was more of a early nineties thing. It started with bands like Ride, Slowdive, Lush, The Pale Saints, etc.

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I mean I like some 80s music I just dont know where to begin though I have to admit lyrically that the songs where stellar.

If today’s sounds had 80s lyrics bro…seriously…
That would be awesome.

I think the thing I miss most about the 80s music was actual intros. No one was afraid to keep you waiting over a minute for the first verse to start. I barely have the patience to sit through something like that these days, but I appreciate the courage.

Also Dio. Big Dio fan here.


Actually pretty good

A little OT, but if you’re going to go back go all the damn way back dangit.

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Very off topic
But heilung man…the fact the heilung is still relevant in this day and age kinda says something imo.

But yea that’s pretty funny a medieval remix of an modern pop song…what’s even wierd is that it’s somewhat listenable…somewhat.

Also this

Interesting times indeed…

At least the Berlin wall fell…

But idk wtf happened along the way…

Charlie sheen was winning.

Not sure if you’ve seen this, but if you haven’t:

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