That Christmas Thread


It’s that time of year again. Finally, I can post my favorite christmas songs.

What are you getting for christmas (besides coal)? Looking forward to any family fistfights? This is the thread for all of that good chirstmas-spirit nonsense


Good stuff


My favorite christmas song and it never gets airplay anymore.




Where’s the Oi I gave to the world?


Timely, for those interested - Free Xmas-themed sample pack:


My niece and nephew went to this interactive, Van Gogh exhibit at the Cleveland Art Museum and loved it so my partner and I got the whole family matching tie dye shirts inspired by Starry Night. We don’t really go crazy with presents. I usually make my mom a gift basket and get the old man a bottle of single malt. Brother and sister in law usually get some date night gift cards.

We don’t go crazy with presents between adults on her side of the family either.

After my grandma said she was too old to do all the Christmas baking I started doing it and that’s basically what we give a lot of the people on our list. I have the time off after finals and before Christmas and it is relatively inexpensive.