Thanks for having me


Hey everyone.

I was a member on the old site, but just joined back up. I find the new interface to be quite interesting. Wishing you all the best in these strange and confusing times.

Btw, I am a DJ/producer of hardcore and jungle/dnb, however I love all styles of electronic dance music, including “IDM”, even though I find that term to be pretentious. My soundcloud is in my profile if anyone is curious, and I hope to pop in here every now and then to shoot the shit with like minded individuals.



Ahhhh an Omni alumni.

Welcome back Icewind :slight_smile:


Aha! Here it is:


Welcome back old user. I was visiting old forum too but was not popular like you. In that time i don’t know anything about mixing.

I don’t know why but i remember thread from old forum and people there talk about plugins and that photo of TAL Bassline Synth Vst was there and that picture stuck in my head.


Welcome back!




Welcome @Icewind

So good to see folks returning…

By the way… is it pronounced like the breeze? Or like going down a curvy road :thinking:


thanks ya for droppin in! hope you enjoy the stay. coffee is at 7, the croissants are at 9. get those before the dogs do cuz the german shephards like blueberries :slight_smile:


How interesting, I’ve never been asked that before haha…it’s pronounced like the breeze.

Thanks for the welcome everyone.


What up Icewind!