Technics Reveals Pricing of SL-1200 mk7 DJ Turntable

Thoughts? Hate? Irrational opinions? Technics “take my fucking money right now!”?

Is that a felt mat? Really should be sorbothane because felt is gonna get ruined the first time someone spills something on it. And that will happen, I’m sure. Other than that, I’d need to know more performance figures to tell if it’s really worth the price. Fact is, you can get an older sl-1200 for well under $300 and get aftermarket parts installed (say another $200-$300) that will probably outperform any turntable being made new up to around this price point. Now if it will sync with CDJs or Serrato or something, I get it.

My understanding is that they are just turn tables.

Holy fuck…

just in time for tax returns… :smiley:

I’ve been wanting to learn DJing on actual black crack for a long time, my pioneer DDJ just isn’t the same… I’d likely get these and hook them up with serato. That’d be dreamy, I had a buddy with a original set of these. Super sexy.