Tattoo Advice

I have had a grand plan for a long time for my upper body.

Stage left to stage right there is a continuum going from:
Light, Modern, Future, Hopes, Heat

to Dark, Ancient, Past, Fears, Cold

And four quadrants of
Fire, Air, Earth, Water

Color schemes match those basically.

The left arm already has an octopus, sea stars, and there is a watery-evolution/bristlecone pine tree (oldest living thing as far as we know, there is one that is 5000 years old).

But there is this part of my elbows. When I saw the sea star transfers on, I didn’t like them so big as to wrap around or be larger than any part of the octopus, so we did them smaller and there is this unanticipated spot. It will be filled with light blue/green phytoplankton (zooplankton on upper arm eventually as we get closer to earth, forward in time).

So this spot on the left should be:
Water and Dark, Ancient, Past, Fears, Cold.
I feel like I have 3 specifically water so maybe just ancient, past (personal), fears, cold.

But nothing is jumping out to me.

What would you do for a dark, ancient, or cold tattoo? Fears/hopes, eh that was part of the original idea, but most of them are abstract, can’t think of how they would be depicted.

Likewise, the right arm, the top is going to be a Sun with 8 rays. Will have stylized stars on the bottom. But they’ll mirror the sea stars. Already have a circuit board that mirrors the evolution water tree thing on the upper arm.

So on that elbow, what would you do for a fire, light, or modern tattoo?

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The first thing that comes to mind reading that is Vikings. So maybe look into Norse mythology for inspiration?

That is an approach and I have the DNA for it, descended from Rollo of Normandy.

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Tatoos with Quantum mechanics/concerning physics maybe

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