Tales from the isolation


Got a usual corporate text from the factory encouraging people to both go to work and stay inside. Still in denial.

Saw my parents, they offered me some ribs, I told them that was more food than I could eat in a week (I already had my sandwich for the day), took some and put it in my mini fridge, made them laugh a few times, then left. They still want to support local businesses, and I was like “You don’t get it. This town is shutting down for a while.”

Just woke up.


Birds chirping, one train horn, ambulances. That’s been today in a nutshell.

@Geelist, I think I used those same nobs to make a “support” tag back in the day. I’m still salty somebody replaced it with some shitty looking alien android robot art.


Today here sounded nearly quiet as night.


@Entropy: I recommend trying nebulizing colloidal silver with your terminal-seeming patients.

Not trying it, they will die.
It doesn’t work, they die.
It adversely affects them, they die.

If it works, they live, and you’re a fucking hero.


post 123 - FNORD



Had a very heated conversation with my younger sister who lives in Maui a few minutes ago. She’s worried about hooking up a bluray (her cable went out).

One train horn is blaring.

Lockdown continues.


There is a poem or song or something in this report.


Apparently something is going on and nobody has further information. In my expert opinion, it just looks like the US has a few more herpes sores on its dick than usual. Also everyone I know is sick, that’s fun.


I don’t have the means, nor the energy at the moment. :stuck_out_tongue:


Its 4:15am and I am high. as. balls. Nothing else to report fam. All is quiet in Akron, OH…


y u no post silly cat photo :<



Dude, I raved when I was 36.

I also went to punk shows full of highschool kids when I was 38.

My body hurts from inactivity.


Today is saturday, first weekend since starting to work from home. Since I’ve had enough free time to screw around doing stuff all week, I’m running out of things to do. Hopefully I remember to pull out some movies. Hasn’t been too quiet in California yet, but I’m about to turn off my air cleaner and we’ll see…

A little quieter than usual, first thing I heard after my noisemaker went off was a plane coming into LAX. We live under the approach.


My state is being a fucking turd about all of this. This is going to explode here :frowning:


Shit is getting weird but at least we on’t have to worry about hoarders with weapons.

Also, had a great time playing Left4Dead 2 with some friends


@White_Noise it sure as shit wasn’t LAX but I lived under a flight pattern just miles from an airport. The planes used to make our garage door randomly go up or down lol. Our neighborhood now is surrounded by a cemetery on two sides. Actually as morbid as it sounds a really nice place for a walk.

@xSANTAxDURSTx yea, I saw an article about 7 states that have literally done nothing. You don’t have to call out your location but I suspect this will even get to the places with low population density before there is a vaccine.

@Auto-meh-geddon there was a dude who posted a meme in a FB the other day that was joking about how gun owners were just waiting for everyone else to go by food then they would rob us. I actually am worried about the ammosexuals getting bored. I promise you all kinds of people are already taking guns to the grocery store here. I’ve put a baseball bat by the door already : (


My state just declared an order for all public areas, restaurants, bars, event areas, to close down. Restaurants are still open for take out and delivery, but we just have so few tests for our state (Wyoming).

I’m just starting a new job at the University of Wyoming as the Asst. Coordinator for ASTEC, which is a group that does live sound, lighting and projection for student events. Of course, all the students have been sent home and classes switched to online, so we have nothing going on for the rest of the semester. I’m mostly doing training and learning all the gear, digging into manuals, but I’m fortunate to be have work right now. I’m lucky, as just before this I was working two jobs, one as a student tech at the university, and the other for a fast food place. I live in a small town, where the students are half the population, so everything has slowed way down. With that, hours have been cut down at the restaurant, so I may have gotten out at just the right time.


That sounds like a cool job–I’ve always thought working in a non-academic capacity in something technical at a Uni would be a cool gig. That is good they are letting you work. I’m not sure what’s up with those kinds of jobs at the two schools I work as the campuses are basically closed. Like administration and academic support staff (department secretaries etc) are all working from home. The libraries are closed. Students were essentially forced out of dorms.


We felt like we just scored…We found some of the stuff that we couldn’t at grocery stores in our local gas station.

We just went for a beer run and found bread, milk, tons of canned stuff. We didn’t get it all, just the bread and milk, more so…AND BEER. Also got some paper towels and tissue paper. Even pasta, Ramen, etc.


Most of the staff at the University have moved to working remotely, but as I’m just starting, there’s not a whole lot I can actually do remotely yet. I still go into work, but there’s hardly anyone else there. Custodial staff are still coming in, and a few people above me stop in here and there, but the floor of the union building I work in is basically empty. All the offices are closed, and actually they did lock down the university to the public, but staff can still get in with their swipe cards. When I walk around my building, all the offices are closed down. I see maybe 4 or 5 people around all day.