Tales from the isolation


Karaoke is it’s own beast. Good to keep the vocal chords in practice, but always sounds like shit when recorded, and awkward as fuck when doing it solo. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I can do somewhat alright if I know the song. Songs I don’t know I always get the timing off from when it’s highlighting the words, cuz I never know when it’s gonna come in and I’m just staring at the screen waiting to say what it says lol


I love karaoke. My parties are the stuff of legend. Hmm…maybe I can do better. Okay, next try! It’s hard to do this crap from your phone.

Actually, trying to do this karaoke stuff solo is just too damn awkward. Deleted the link, but the person who it was made for recieved it and liked it.


Holy shit, I just had the most lost laid back and amazing conversation with my son. He is definitely a product of his father. I secretly showed him my tattoo over the phone and told him not to tell his mother. I’m a terrible influence on children. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


From another continent, no less. Good work.


If you beeteljuice hellscion I will literally shit my pants

That’s 2 mentions. We’ve got one more to go


That post was 666


If this happened to anybody else I’d think nothing of it. Hail satan, I knew he was watching


Insomnia vs Drugs and Alcohol


Sunrise Isolation Portrait




Ugh, I hate those nights you can’t go to sleep.


I finally went to bed at like 10am or something


Urg, really feeling iffy about my current work position. With my direct boss, who was basically the entire department, passing, there’s no one else that I know of with the knowledge of our day to day workings. With three months until the start of the semester (when there surely will be events), and a student staff that may or may not be sticking around, it makes me kinda nervous.

It took me a full year to get hired, and that wasn’t in the midst of COVID. I don’t know if they’ll hire someone, or if I’ll be taking the lead, or if some other department will step in… we’re a small department. Wondering if I should start sending out applications.

The ways I see it going down, are they either: hire someone, I fill the position (which is a little nerve wracking as I’m just a new employee), they ask another department to help out, or worst case… they close the entire department.

EDIT: At least I found a weed hook up.


What’s the job? From personal experience, there’s some things I can see jumping into with both feet, some I’d run screaming from.


It’s a position coordinating lights/audio/projection for student events on the uni campus.


If you’re getting paid right now, keep the job.


I think I’d also keep the job but in more important news big thumbs up man.

I actually took a few days off from smoking and drinking recently. I stayed up until stupid o-clock in the morning and made a bunch of weird facebook posts I had to delete the next day lmao. It was like weird filter selfies and bad poetry LMAO


Yeah, I can drive to Colorado, and normally I’d do that but with Colorado in lock down and everything, I’m not sure how it’s all going down, and plus I prefer local connects anyway cuz it means less time on the road.


Before quarantine I was actually considering driving down to Durango, about 5hrs from me. They have some killer head shops. Places in Grand Junction won’t sell to Utah folks but that place will, for some reason.

We also had a shop open in Wendover, right over the Utah border west but… all highway… kind of sketchy. Most people go there to buy shit you can’t get here XD