Tales from the isolation


You sure about that?


So far, all I’ve seen are lame attempts at beards. Keep up the good work. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Was at a testing center today. Slightly surreal experience.


I can’t grow a Grisly Adams, mine kind of just stops before that. I can do like a distinguished young Santa.


finished my gay scifi story, its 30 pages of crap…yea its so bad…i cant even…

For my next exercise im gonna write a twilight-esque story…but darker and less gay sparkly vampires…

yeah…quarantine sucks…

goodbye shitty televsion…


I was scolded today at work by a manager for taking a bathroom break.

“I need you to focus on your job and stop wandering around the plant!”

My saw was in use by somebody else, and the truth was, that if I focused on my job, I would have been out of there at 10. Instead I managed until 11:30.

Paid rent, got some computer stuff going on, etc…

There’s already people skirting the rules with the mask stuff. “They only say you have to WEAR IT. They didn’t say where.” Ohhhh god, what a fucking shitshow.


Couldn’t even get tested if we wanted to around here.


Makin’ some sick progress on this (very early) Cityscape prototype in blender.

Isolation has been good for my endeavors haha.

Once this block is generated I need to create many other unlinked seeds of this same plane, over a mass scene… and then add texturing, traffic flow for flying cars, and weather effects.

Probably another 20 hours of work, but I might have some cool conceptual shit going on soon…

Meanwhile Utah opens up tomorrow. We just had our highest peak of confirmed cases in 2 weeks yesterday. This will bode well…


What I read.


I’m so out of touch I was trying to figure out what kinda test you’d be taking and wondering whether you’d studied or not. Yes, in this thread.


I have that album…:slight_smile: not bad.


I figure I could probably make a duck whistle or somethin


You don’t look like how I pictured you lol


If you are bored and want to play a game @IO_Madness who did or didn’t look like you expected, if they didn’t what did you think they’d look like?

I’d also play this game : )


Guy Clark isn’t pretty damn good. People say they don’t like country and I blame the 90’s on for that. Yea a lot of it still kinda lily white music…but I’ve got this essay I’ve been meaning to write about how country and hip hop are really similar in that they are both story telling dance music made by poor people with what they had on hand.

Like honestly my happy hour isolation playlist is like 33% outlaw country 33% 90s rap and 30% electronic 1% sublime and 2% Amy Winehouse


Vulpes looked kinda how I imagined him. I never actually saw Tim, but I once was talking to him and described him how I saw him and he said it wasn’t far off lol.

As far as Gomesr, my first impression of him was of like some short, dark haired dude, wearing darker colors, like someone who reads a lot, kind of keeping to themselves.

Maybe something like this:

Then, I talked to him through Discord and playing COD and from his voice I imagined he looked something like Andy from the Office:

Now I’ve seen his picture tho, and he’s like this sorta viking/cool chill dude who I could totally picture in a bar talking with a group of people.


We are having a BLAST at work. We’re all talking shit to each other.

I went up to my friend and told her she should wear a mask more often because it covers her ugly fucking face. Her comeback? “You’re dumb.” :stuck_out_tongue:

Also the face thing isn’t true, I am madly in love with her. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just don’t go outside in illinois as of today without one. I made the mistake of leaving it in the car and HOLY SHIT, I got the stink eye.


I also imaged GomesR as a little more clean cut just generally. Certainly no epic viking beard ahaha, but it suits him.

I think one of my best misonceptions is that when I first joined I thought Benwaa was an English dude living in like Thailand for some reason, I kept reading vague things he’d say about his life and his flat and making them look like what I think Thailand looks like in my head.

There are also way more dudes with shaved heads on this forum than I thought there would be.


I’m pro mask, but not into mask shaming people.


I feel like I’m in Japan again. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ugh, I gotta go shopping today. I hate it enough as it is…

I’ll play the game later. Still setting up computer stuff.