Tales from the isolation


I’m back at work. Was told “I will be walking on thin ice once this government shit is over.” Had to find loopholes by phone just to show up to a skeleton crew. Ten hour shifts. Everybody is very unhappy.

Was reminded by a hardass friend to take a step back and chill, which is what I’m going to be doing and have been.

Currently making a collage and tomorrow looking into being a stay at home artist in the future. Meanwhile I’ll keep my mouth shut. This shit sucks.


Working from home.

Stockpiling weed.

…and maybe a little bit of food.

Somebody slashed the tires on a bunch of ambulances on the weekend.

Somebody raided Tesco with a digger to get the cash out of the cash machine.

There was a fight in Asda.

And in Tesco.

Basically, primal human nature asserting itself, repeatedly…

What more can I say without saying the same thing in different words?


Lol speaking of which…

So I went to my guy yesterday to get some supplies. Ended up getting a thing of oil. Already in a ctlynder and just needs the right pen. I’ve never had it before and never Vaped in my life so I had no idea what I was getting into.

He starts telling me exactly what I needed, preferred one that it would fit in, if the contact doesn’t work, you might need to play with the bit inside the pen by pulling it forward, etc. He also tells me to go to this guy down the road and get it there.

So, I take all of this info and go to the smoke shop…First off he guy there wasn’t helpful whatsoever. I pull the trigger on one that looks reasonable, has a chamber, etc.

Long story short, I buy the wrong pen. The oil or wax, whatever it is… screwed in to the atomizer but isn’t pulling. I try to fix the pen as per my guy but break it…the atomizer is stuck on the oil and I break the glass containing it, trying to get it off.

So I’m currently dabbbing what I can on my cigs to save what little I can.


Turns out, it was recommended for a certain “thread” which would have been the best information I could have been given…I’ll know on the next run, I guess…lol


That sucks dude. FWIW I’m not a vape fan. I don’t like the high. But I’ve only ever used a Volcano vape which got me the most high I’ve ever been on just herb and a few pens. I think if I found the right vape with some intensity settings or something maybe I’d get into it.

Also not a fan of dabs.


We tried a throwaway in Portland. Liked it plus the ease was super awesome. Just rip it and put it away. But I had assumed these things were universal until I started breaking everything last night… I like the idea because I rarely smoke, myself.

We will get the next one at some point and I’ll try my hardest not to destroy it all.


same here, it just doesn’t do it.

Give me the old classic plant and a pipe and I’m honestly good to go. Shit is almost too strong now anyways, I get knocked on my ass quick.

Dabs are in a whole other level of shit. People with a “rig”… shit is pretty bad for your lungs. They figured out how to make weed hard drugs finally.



Holy shit man, the only time I ever did a dab my gf and I went to a birthday party for one of her co-workers and it turned out that a former student of mine was his neighbor and at the party. I find out the kid isn’t even going to college anymore (but doing well) so I loosen up a lot and eventually he finds out I smoke. So we go over to his place and he has this massive glass dab rig and is like you should do I dab and I was drunk so I did. He lit the mf’r with a fucking torch.

I’ve never got so high so fast in my life. Luckily it never got cra cra but holy shit. No joke dabs are fucking hard drugs lol


I never use vapes, I’m perfectly happy with a pipe and flower, and I think vape pens are kinda the iPhone of smoking weed, so I pass. Whenever I see someone with a vape pen (I have usually no idea whether it’s tobacco or weed, honestly lol), I just see it as a brief fad, one of those things like Tamagochi’s or laser pointers or Beanie Babies, where people go crazy for them out of nowhere, but then a year later they’re completely gone from social memory. A glass pipe with some flower has always worked fine for me, and my stance is if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I have used vape pens before.

Actually, I once had a vape kinda gifted to me, but it wasn’t one that used a cartridge or anything. It was a short, fat pen, and what you did was just load the chamber with your flower on the end, where it had this magnetic lid that snapped on. Then you’d push on the mouthpiece for it to extend out, and the vape would start heating up. I used it a few times, but it always smelt HORRIBLE, and it didn’t seem to work very well unless the chamber was COMPLETELY packed, and it was a fairly big chamber so loading it would take out a fair bit of weed. And even then, it didn’t feel I was getting a high equivalent to the amount of flower I was using in it, so I kinda felt it wasn’t a very efficient use of flower. When it DID work, it would hit pretty nicely, but again, you’d use like 4-5 bowls worth of weed that’d be gone in like a few hits. And the smell was sooooo horrible, like those herbs people burn and swing around their house. I used it a few times, but stuck with my pipe.

Dabs, on the other hand, I’ve been interested in getting into, but as I don’t have a rig, I usually just stick with what I have. I’ll do dabs when offered, a friend of mine has a dab rig and we usually do that when I stop by. I like dabs because it reminds me of getting stoned the first time lol. I’ve thought about getting a rig, but as I live in a (red) weed-illegal state, I try to limit trips to purchase such things, and I don’t really smoke socially so much so it’s just me smoking usually, and I’m fine with using my glass pipe. If I ever move back to a weed-legal state, or if someday it gets legalized nationally, I might think about it.

Funny side tangent, I explained to my roommate what “dabbing” was, how it worked and all (he doesn’t smoke weed, he doesn’t do many drugs. He’s not a straight-edge, he just usually doesn’t do much stuff like that. Sticks to occasional drinking for big events and smoking cigarettes). After explaining it to him, he said, “Oh, so it’s like you’re smoking crack”… and I was like, “…well, I mean… I guess I can see that” lol I mean, it’s weed, but I do admit it looks kinda bad lol.

It’s like in high school, my friends and I tried knife-hitting one time, which looks REALLY bad. It’s taking the weed (or kief, even better), heating up a couple butter knives on a stove, then having the person who’s gonna take a hit, grab a straw or other tube and get ready, then another person grabs the knives, squeezes the weed between the two, and the hitter sucks up the smoke…

like, ok… it kinda looks like you’re smoking crack. lol I mean, I don’t do crack, not into that stuff, but… I see that lol



Vaporizers that can take flower usually have to be pretty expensive to work well. I spent almost $100 on a large elaborate one before the pens came out and it was so bad at vaporizing the flower and I ended up using it for incense oil for a while before throwing it out when I took a two year break from smoking.

Vape feels like a fad from my perspective too but maybe I’d feel totally different about it if I lived in a legal state. Personally, I won’t hit concentrate pens that I can’t confirm are legally manufactured, pretty much all the vaping deaths in the US have been from modified pens or illegally made concentrate oil cartridges from what I know.

I like the ritual of rolling a J and passing it around. I like the smoke even though I know its bad for me. And yea, dabs, are basically like smoking weed crack. And I’ve totally done some hot knives in my day, though usually it was “hash” but in Ohio, in late 90’s hash was basically like an ounce of the WORST weed someone could get, they would soak it in 151 vodka/EverClear and after a few weeks they would strain it and in glass casserole dishes they’d pour out the solution and let the alcohol evaporate and scrape up the left over THC goo.


as someone who works in the weed industry, vapes are here to stay. probably the most popular with moms and dads. i be selling thousands of dollars worth of co2 oil every week at my store. even as the whole vape epidemic was going down cartridge sales never took a hit.

i prefer flower myself but the convenience of a vape is actually pretty significant. also a lot of people who live in apts who cant smoke rely on vapes.
also ive dabbed so much that shit doesnt even work anymore :confused: i get way higher off flower compared to dabs nowadays but yea back in the day dabs would floor more and shut me up for a few hours.


Fucking drama queens.


Today I ate cold tuna noodle casserole from zip lock bag while molding in PJs I’ve been wearing since Monday.


Watched netflix… didnt see tiger king…saw the Netflix originals…saw triple frontier…Ben Affleck character dies…


Now that is a spoiler that makes me want to watch a movie lol


Walmart delivered my groceries today. I dined on saltines, cheese, and kippers with a box of cheap wine while binge watching Arrested Development.

I’m living like a king, I tell you.


First off, whether home-grown or dispensary product, ganja has a FRACTION of the tar of earlier times. Bong water is, like, a joke. I’ve kept it for days and it looks clear with burnt bits - versus in high school when it would look like a swamp.

Flower or concentrate, people waste a bunch . Half-loading the one-hitter bowl in my Graphix does me just fine, though it depends on the strain and vintage. The Magic Flight vape works ki-ller for flower.

I prefer concentrates, in particular sativa-strong, specifically this neat crumble I got last, but green crack shatter feels nice, too. A piece the size of a couple/few pin heads will give a few/several HUGE hits. I treat it as a training opportunity, and inhale from my diaphragm through my shoulders, and…with chest and throat relaxed…let it sit A LONG TIME. Regardless of product combusted, I sit in front of the fan above the stove top. I prefer a clear-scented house (I wear no scents, etc…)

Further, I love the flavor of things. (God I miss ‘smell it in three bags down your pants down the hallway’ fucking SKUNK.) Vaping concentrates with this deal below allows full flavor. MMM.


Regarding conditions and procedures, I have a tremendous head start and all: for about thirty years I have watched people pay little if any attention to their bodies, and position and movement. For about twenty-three years I have allowed no shoes in my home, gear gets staged inside the door, hands gets washed, and what comes past the staging area into the house gets wiped down or washed. I rarely touch my face with the underside of my hands and fingers, and only with clean hands.


My area was lucky enough to get Walmart pickup semi-recently (no delivery), and seemingly I was one of the few people who knew about it. Now thanks to this virus shit they’re constantly booked by people who actually prefer going inside every other time, forcing me to go inside for a change.

Stay in your lane, damn old people


that sucks. Enjoy the worst hike in cases since italy. But do take care of yourself too as much as you can.

haha that’s a lot of strings. fucking george fisher guitar

I woke up early this morning and I went to wait in line for thirty minutes with a bunch of grannies. Supply runs looked sexier in the walking dead