Synthplex 2022


Just learned about this and considered going on Sunday, since it’s pretty close to where I live. It appears they only sell 4-day passes…?? This has to be the dumbest idea.

Anybody knows about this expo? L.A. people…?


I think I remember hearing about this one the first year in 2018 or 2019. A lot of the big names do show up (I remember Sequential and Black Corp were there on the first year at least), but I think it just doesn’t get much coverage because it’s coming right after synthfest/knobcon over the summer. I heard good things from what I remember, like that it wasn’t a crowded media circus. I have no idea if it’s big enough to spend 4 days or not.

I unfortunately won’t be attending as I’m still in full covid prevention mode, going to ride this winter out and see if we get another big wave or not. I need to get another booster in a few weeks…


I’ve never been to one such expo, but paying for 4 days when I could only go to one… well that’s not happening.

I’ve had the 3rd COVID booster already 3 weeks ago, at the same time as the flu shot (might as well, since apparently the flu’s going to be bad this year). While there’s always a chance for another new strain coming out of the blue, I doubt COVID’s going to make many waves this winter.


I hope so (and sorry to hijack your thread here), because if we have the light winter I’m hoping for then I want to start going back to my old ways, like leaving the house without a mask on occasion. I need to get my omicron booster, just had Flu and Pnuemonia shots earlier this week so I was out of arms. Gonna give it a few weeks but I plan to have mine by the end of the month.