Synth to sale. Can we on IDM forum?


Hi all, i just wanted to know if we can post sales on IDM forum ?
To sale hardware.
Thanks guys.


Don’t see why not?
Make your ad clear, state price, location, shipping costs and limitations, add pictures.

And anything goes wrong, let it be clear that the forum has no responsibility whatsoever, this is a translation between you and the other party only.


Allright, cool. I just wanted to make sure. I didn’t see any stuff to sale on this forum.


My recommendation would be to still list the item through a 3rd party and just advertise the sale here. That way you have a layer of protection. At the least I’d recommend using paypal and send an invoice to the buyer to make things official through paypal.


That’s exactly what i’ve done, i’ve posted the ad on an other website, advertised and added few things on here, the invoiced has been created on PayPal & will be send to whoever might be interested by the synth. This invoice thing on Paypal makes things official both for me & the future buyer. Once the buyer pay Paypal, they put the amount on side until the buyer approve the parcel. Then i get my money, we’re both happy.


my ad on IDM with the link to the original one


The old forums had a classifieds section and I’ve heard from members before that they had a lot of good experiences buying and selling from users.

Everyone else basically said what I would already, but if you’re on the fence - roll with an ad and try it out :slight_smile: Lots of gear junkies here.


Yes, especially if you have a Machinedrum MKI for sale. For cheap.

No, but seriously… someone sell me yo Machinedrum.