Synth Nerd Videos!

watching this now. I’ve been watching a ton of these types of videos so I figured I’d use this thread as a video dump for the ones I really like.

Here’s Anthony Marinelli geeking out in Rob Rosen’s epic synth showcase/store in Burbank, CA:

I just like all three of these dudes in general:

Gimme yours

Anthony Marinelli’s whole channel is great. They have one with one of the developers at Cherry Audio about the advantages of digital synths that is really good.

He also has a video, unfortunately the title escapes me, about how to set synth parameters quickly (like how/why he holds a slider from both sides). As a session synthesist, he has a lot of ideas about how to get to usable, interesting sounds quickly - and the track record to back it up.


I didn’t realize he had a whole active channel till last night! He’s fantastic. Going to scour his channel to the last for sure🤤

He came out of nowhere in the last year or so. I think I subscribed to him at like 20k viewers 8 months ago and he just keeps putting out killer stuff. If you like electric pianos, he has close to 3 hours with one of the big repair shops in LA looking at various Rhodes and Wurlitzers.

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Yeah it’s right up my alley. Pretty much all I watch on the tubes these days are synth tutorials and demos and modulator generative ambient soundscapes. well, besides porn.

I can respect a man who knows what he’s about.

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It’s all fun but i have not got time. I need to make music instead. Also 3 years ago i created a topic about girls photos with synthesizers and moderator were closed my topic so to say.

I wasn’t active 3 years ago but If you were posting inappropriate pictures in the thread then that’s why it was closed

You have time to post in a thread about something that you don’t have time for it though? weird. also this whole thing is about learning how to be better at making music…

also I have a feeling your post “girl photos with synths” was closed for good reasons…

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