Suicide sheep music playlists

Imo best electronic music playlists on yt hands down

I’ve heard of suicide girls, but not this. What is it?

Mrsuicidesheep on youtube.

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That’s pretty good. Defo has that smokey 90’s trip hop vibe.

I really need to join the 21st century and subscribe to Spotify.

I’m on it to get the label’s my music and my music up. As a musician I see the appeal of the platform and the data it can give you about who’s listening and why (once you get to enough people, not really there yet). As a listener who’s invested some effort into having some youtube playlists and channels that I like (plus an adblocker), I don’t really see a compelling reason for me to pay spotify to listen to stuff and them to give my data to other musicians and advertisers.

On the plus side, stuff isn’t being taken off the platform for copyright as often as you’d find on youtube (I’ve had whole albums I liked disappear due to copyright takedowns), but on the minus side the selection isn’t as good to begin with, at least for the artists I looked through (jazz, deep/underground house, and classical). I went through my youtube playlists and was able to get about 1/2 to 3/4 of my songs on spotify, but nowhere near everything.

But then, the real kicker on youtube for me is missing: comments. Sounds dumb, but sometimes you find a gem of a track being talked about in the comments of another track. Spotify has exactly zero answer to that, unless I am to simply trust the playlist curator of my choice to find everything I want. And I haven’t run into one yet where I feel there isn’t a weak track I want to skip every 3rd or 4th song, let alone who is getting me everything I want to hear.

TLDR: If you have a platform that is working for you, I can’t see why anyone would want to start over with spotify. If you have no streaming history whatsoever, then maybe it’s a good place to start. Even then, my first recommendation would be youtube and youtube music, then pandora if you want something you can set and forget a bit more, then spotify if you want a bit more control, but not as much as youtube for some reason.