Stuff that increases cognitive ability

Omega-3, magnesium I think, idk what else, fish maybe…also puzzles like sudoku, strategery games etc…

Lsd is a double edged sword…

Consumption of mass quantities of Alcohol makes people stupid…I cant count how many times I done something stupid when i got shitfaced drunk.

Little alcohol is ok.

Weed…depends on the person

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Being told you’re shit by a gamer who IS better then you but also “doesn’t need to be such a toxic asshole”.

My IQ clicks up by about 15 points, when I need it to teach people like this a lesson… it’s weirdly consistent.

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Some games can induce seizures, and some can be used for training, but for the most part a 96 hour gaming marathon with a trusty pee bucket isnt the way 2 go.

Idk some games are pavlovian i.e. punishment reward and make you pay to play. But this isnt a gaming thread.

Intellectual discourse would help but it’s hard for a person to seperate ego from intellectual output but discourse does still help.

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Hey tbh I tried that Alpha Brain stuff by Onnit that Roe Jogan is always pushing, I definitely noticed positive effects from it for the first three days, wore off after that. Look into nootropics, they might do something for you.

Reading. There’s not a lot I want to read right now, but at least news, product reviews, the page of the day on Wikipedia. Spend a half hour on it and you just sharpen up, start to connect disparate ideas that you’re reading about.


There’s this thing called “getting enough sleep” … never tried it myself but folks say it works wonders.


There are a lot of nootropics out there.

I was going to try:

L-Theanine - Nootropic that reduces cortisol and induces a calm concentration

Lion’s Mane - Mushroom with neuroprotective effects; reduces brain fog and improves memory

Gotu Kola - Adaptogens that improve brain function and regulate stress response

I am wary of trying new things though because I tend to have backfiring effects.

The Nootropics subreddit is very knowledgeable.

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I’m gonna revisit

And reread some anonymous posts…man talk about deep dark shit.

i have like 10 pet cats…


Where I used to live I was essentially in the middle of a massive forest, I used to spend a bunch of time walking around and I found a ton of Chaga mushrooms that I harvested. I really wish I still had cheap / easy access to the stuff as the affect it had on my mood / ability to focus was great! I pretty much felt my best self constantly.

It’s a cumulative effect that builds up over time and I guess it could be subtle for some but for me personally, each time I stopped drinking it and started again, I’d always feel so stupid for ever stopping.

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This and post-nut clarity should do the trick for most

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This stuff is in green tea, highly recommended instead of coffee.

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Agreed… I read a lot… and yes reading a wide variety of stuff creates cross fertilization of ideas.

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I’m not taking my own advice but I think the best thing just trying to eat well, be rested, exercise. This is not to be translated into some kind of fad diet or exercise program. I just mean eat your veggies and take an evening walk.