Streaming set up question

I am wanting to explore the simplest and cheapest way from streaming from my laptop/ external soundcard into Facebook live.

I have:
a decent laptop (with a broken webcam) - I often use reaper live
an MAudio Fast Track pro
an oxygen49 keyboard
Headphones and Speakers that plug into the sound card.

I would like to stream from an iPhone or an IPad Air2.

I would prefer not to buy a mixer or an expensive set up.

I need to be able to listen to the mix (via headphones or speakers) and plug it into the iPhone for streaming (not sure of the best cable for this. I did see the TRRS splitter cable but it seemed to have the splitter going the wrong way.
I intend to use my iPhone for video.

At this point I’m also open to exploring creative/cheap options that involve putting cables into input/output on the TV.

Would it be cheaper just to buy a new webcam (instead of using the iPhone for video) and do it all from my laptop?

Keen to hear your thoughts.

It would certainly be simpler to just buy a webcam. I bought a Logitech C920 for video conferencing as I just started working from home, and that is a really really nice camera and mic setup for around $50 USD. You can certainly spend less, I remember seeing stuff from around $30 or so. Alternatively, you can get the iphone cables and it might work, or maybe not. To me, I get so many other uses out of it for conference calls and voice chatting even with the camera off, that this is one of the better purchases I’ve made in a while.

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