Stolen Artist/Band Name


Ok, so, the title is a bit misleading, as nothing was stolen from me per se. I am a pretty much completely unknown artist and have had very few public releases with very little attention. No one knows about me and my work for the most part.

Regardless, I want some advice and feedback regarding this, if you’re reading this and willing.

I had been using the name Make Us Whole for a long time here and in a few select releases on streaming services (I took these down some time ago)

I had decided that I wanted to change things up a bit, as I have a project I’m working on with my sister, and felt that Make Us Whole fit much better for that project for various reasons.

As I was working on music for that project one night, I noticed that another artist using the same name put out an EP. This was troubling and discouraging, as it felt like something I had sort of laid claim to was taken from me. This, obviously isn’t entirely true, but I felt that nonetheless.

I decided that I would abandon the name and move to another name for the Band (which is what my sis and I are together as best I can tell), but this has continued to bother me despite that.

I love that name. I want that name.

What the hell do I do? I have been registered with ASCAP under this name for years, but this provides me no protection for things like this. I could trademark the name if I so chose, but is this necessary? I don’t want to ruin this guy’s day. I no longer had any music on Distrokid under this artist’s name by the time he released this ep, so is it like a “sucks for me” kind of deal?

Do I need to just accept that there are two artists with the same name in this day and age where anyone can make and release music to the public? I don’t want there to be an association with this guy’s music and mine.

Should I just say fuck it and keep using it and see what happens?

IDK. What are your thoughts?


I’ve wondered in the past how streaming services handle things like this. For example i have released music under the name Manton, but there is another artist on streaming called the exact same name. The way I see it, it’s my name so im gunna use it. The distribution service you use should (i use CDbaby) handle releases with unique codes that link to specific artist registrations. I think, that as long as you are receiving whatever revenue you are owed, and likewise is the other artist, then use it.

We both have fuck all listeners anyway so, whatever. Race em to the top! Haha

Interesting topic


The market is getting over saturated so pretty much any unique name is not very ‘unique’ anymore and will most likely be shared. It used to bother me, now I’m just like whatever. Not much help on your situation, just how I feel these days. I actually am working on (sort of) multiple projects with 4 different names that will be attached to each one, just because each idea is slightly different


Yeah, that’s the idea for me too. I decided i would use my actual name for my IDM stuff and that Make Us Whole fit my other project better.


Not the best idea, but that’s why I use a really bizarre name that came to me in a dream. If anyone steals it, they’re just copying me, and in that case I’ll feel great to have that much of a dedicated fan :smiley:

But for most people who want normal names, I’d say use it, because there are going to be at least 5 bands with the name by 2025 (a bullshit statistic I came up with). In the unlikely event you get a cease and desist, change it.

Also, you can always pull a “Ghost BC” (also related: Bison BC) when shitty Ghost wants their name back. Make Us Whole US doesn’t have a cool ring to it, but you can always use something like that while you’re battling with people for your name back and just refuse to put the ‘US’ on your albums and merch like they did :smiley:


Also this:

I guess I’d better get on that…haha


I think at this point I’m going to say fuck it and keep on keeping on with Make Us Whole. I like the idea of racing him to the top. lol

I figured i got to the streaming services with that name first, so I have no obligation to stop using it. He can fight me for it if he want’s. I’ll win. haha

Thanks for the input everyone. It was helpful. :slight_smile:


Not much help here, but consider this…

I release music under my real name Mark Ames.

One of my past releases was due to come out on particular day… on the SAME EFFING DAY another Mark Ames releases an Album!

Turns out there are 370 Mark Ames on Facebook.

Who knew? :man_shrugging:


Wow, same name, same day, same hobby? What are the odds of that? damn, that’s some bad luck if I’ve ever heard it.

I don’t know how many Guy Wachtels might be out there. There are at least two, including myself. I know for sure I don’t have to worry about the other one that I’m aware of, haha.