Steinberg discovers it's 2021!

I will FINALLY be able to use Steinberg VSTs next year (or in 2023)…!

Not going to go into too much detail but I bought HALion 6 once. The E-licensing junk prevented the software from working. Steinberg support folks could not figure it out. Wasted hours trying to make that shit work, did many installs/re-installs, etc., to finally concede defeat, get a refund and make my peace with never being able to use HALion and other goodies.

Seriously, that E-Licensing redefined the concept of “absolutely worthless, painful piece of shit”.

Am I still annoyed by it? Just a little, apparently :laughing:


Wow, even Ilock has had cloud activations for years now. Is this why I almost never hear from anyone using the Steinberg stuff? I know Wavelab is supposed to be killer for mastering, and even that I don’t hear about much. I know all their stuff through reputation more than anything.

Heh, Steinberg have been so irrelevent in my world for so long I’d pretty much forgotten about them.



And isn’t it the ultimate irony when 99% of the times you want to install a VST, the installer path wants to go to C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Vst Plugins?

(I believe they own the rights to the VST appellation or something because they created it?)

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Honestly that’s probably the only good thing they ever did. Important as fuck nonetheless, but I can’t think of anything else good that came out from them. Everything I’ve demoed in recent years feels so far behind what everyone else is doing or what has become native in most DAWs.

They still have potential, probably, I just wonder when they’re planning on using it :sweat_smile:

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I use all of Steinberg’s stuff (Cubase and Wavelab) legitimately and somehow this doesn’t affect me positively or negatively. Basically, it feels like Steiny is cracking themselves. Dongle, no dongle, it doesn’t really matter to me.