Soundtrack Challenge [Johnny Mnemonic}


Not a competition, but for anyone who is interested in giving it a go. In the file is a video made from cuts from the 1995 film Johnny Mnemonic. Create music to go with the video.

If you want to try, but are not sure where to start, I’ll be happy to share my experiences in creating these. To answer one thing that always get said “But my DAW can’t host video.” I don’t have a DAW, I watch the video, while I compose and play into an 8 track recorder, so in a DAW it will be easier, even if you can’t bring the video in. Any genre of music. It’s up to you.


Interesabte might give this a shot.


Need any help just shout back here. First thing is to set up the timing of the scenes. For example: from 0 to 32 seconds is the set up everything is quite methodical as he sets up his equipment.
From 33 to 1.21 is the download scene which is fast and quite manic.
From 1.22-1.25 is just after the download where everything comes to a complete stop.
From 1.26-1.35 is the nighttime outside city scene.
From 1.36 to 1.53 is the set up for the virtual net scene.
From 1.54 is the dive into the virtual net. and so on.

What I do is work on a scene at a time. Look for when and where things happen in the scene on the left, right, or centre and the time stamp for an idea where to add little sounds to convey that.
You don’t have to do this, It’s just how I work, so something to consider.


So, finally got to some music work on this today. Got the centre track on the first two scenes done. By centre track, I mean the stereo base track that I build the rest from. The first scene was quite straight forward, but got held up on the second scene. This being the fastest and most manic of the scenes.

Was using a preset on the Prophecy, which worked with the scene, but had some trouble with timing. Was using the modulation log to change the sound for the bits where you see the download indicator. This comes in within half a second of 43, 52, 1:01, 1:06, 1:09, and 1:20 seconds into the video. (remembered that without looking at my notes)It took about ten takes to get it right, or as close to it.

It’s when doing something like this, you realize that one second is a long time, and you need to be looking at half a second, with your timing


Tbh I haven’t been working on anything…been busy…

I think that making soundtrack is a good concept for a qawm…idk :wink:

If ever get around to it I wanna do one for dune either the old movie or the new trailer.


Haven’t seen the new trailer yet, but it is possible. Got all the base done, so will be loading samples into the SU200 today to start on the overlay of the first scene.



i love this movie but i couldn’t keep a straight face the entire time! Ice Tea as J Dog lol