Sound Source Library

Someone on the Electro-Music forum shared this… it’s an awesome resource.

Careful! You could get lost in there…


Is there any way to get the whole pack yet or do you have to sift through single samples like a caveman still?

I remember obtaining smaller portions of BBC material in the past but this one would be insane if somebody went through the work of archiving it all in one place

This is huge!

You may also have a look at this cool little thing:

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that library is VERY popular, which means the samples are everywhere already.
nothing wrong with using them though, but just a warning.

somebody made a magnet link on redit. here it is:


and here is the source:

i think the naming is weird with that DL though. i havent downloaded it myself so not 100% sure about how useful it is.
i think there were other torrents floating around at one point too

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drum breaks



Here is one I got from Electro-Music

Check out the “Unstreaked Tit-Tyrant” :laughing:

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I don’t think this belongs in Free Plug-Ins … so I’m posting it here.

This thing is wild!:robot:


Sounds in the sea

Pretty pictures too…:dolphin::whale::whale2:

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