Soma Instruments Sampl-based song Competition


Soma Instruments is running a competition to create an up to 3-minute song with only the samples they provide (see link) judged by Richard Devine (among other notable judges). Prizes include some of the Soma instruments, which are some very cool pieces of hardware. I started my song last night, you have until the 28th to get yours in. This seems right up the beat-battlers and some of the others’ around here alleys, so I thought I’d let you all know while we’re putting together our release, this is a nice way to keep practicing until we’re ready to open up netlabel submissions for the next one.


I wonder how they verify that you used their samples.

I’ve come across loads of these things on discord, it seems like companies have really been going hard at the ‘competitions for gear’ thing lately. That’s pretty cool for those who are into hardware.


those are really neat prizes. I didn’t know about Soma lab, they’re amazing, truly experimental electronic instrument making.


@xSANTAxDURSTx I assume it’s because of lockdowns and such. My guess is it’s an honor system to know you used their samples, they’re not a huge well-known company. It’s also cool for people who are into free random samples, because they have samples from every instrument on it’s respective page and those are all free to use in your music, even for profit.

@Lug I found out about them a few years ago when they put out Lyra-8, but now Pulsar-23 just came out (which I’ve been following since last year) and seeing people use that thing, it looks awesome. The Pulsar-23 basically looks like it’s a box for making techno.


Nice one. Thanks for sharing


Want one of those synths so bad…I just may make an awesome track to try to bring it home :slight_smile: