Softsynths & FX Thread


very interesting stuff about plugin development


Big +1 for this! Honestly, I feel like MAX is one of the greatest tools available to any artist be it visual or audio. I know it was discussed earlier but I’ve barely scratched the surface of it developmental qualities, But armed with the right knowledge and patience, Being able to design a software gnerator/FX specific to an individuals needs is pretty damn awesome at the end of the day.


I’m going to randomly sing the praises of U-he Repro again-- you get both the monophonic and polyphonic versions which behave differently. You can get under the hood and change circuit/chip options. It has on old school onboard sequencer and a wonderful CPU hungry fx chain. It has old school vibe all day long.


Pretty soon we’re going to have a trickle down effect where most musicians _now _ rise up and start making VST’s for the bottomfeeder ‘musician’ scum who aren’t making any money anymore (literally) and nobody in the VST circuit is really making much except for the few guys at the top.

I’m in line for “VST Maker 10.1”, take my money now


So right now in the NI sale I was looking into Massive X and Super 8 synths. But is there any point? Does anyone have any idea when Komplete 13 will be dropping? I suspect both synths will be included.


I bought the Upgrade to Komplete12 and Massive X doesnt work on my computer. Make sure its compatible with your system before pulling the trigger.



Just how old is your computer?


ive got 2 primary computers.

my 2016 Macbook pro wont run it and my 2010 MacPro tower wont either.

You have to ensure that your processor is AVX compatible. Neither of mine are.


What cpu does your 2016 have? I thought the Pros all shipped with Core Skylakes, which were definitely AVX compatible.


Aye, I think those chips emerged around 2011.


In case anybody here is shopping for a new softsynth: I have mentioned Tone2 Icarus v2 already since I had the pleasure of working with the beta and it finally has been released last week. I’m extremely honoured and proud to have contributed a bit to the v2 factory soundbank in the form of a few synth, trackstarter and drum machine presets (everything labeled “MTS”). IMHO it really is one of the best softsynths out there, especially in terms of resynthesis - many different resynthesis options, all wavetable-based and sounding great. So make sure to check out the demo. Hope you enjoy some of my presets if you do so ^^

Edit: also, here is a one-synth track I made with Icarus V2 (exclusively with my own presets, but not all of these are included in the factory soundbank) and additional processing (it’s a temporary private upload since it’s still a WIP, just posted the link at KVR a few days ago to show a different side of the synth):


Ive just upgraded Audio Damage Phosphor to Phosphor 2 for $10, thats me happy.

Also bought a plugin a few days ago called “Riffer 2” 49 euro, which generates melodies at the throw of a dice, very simple interface, easy to use and i can see its going to be very good at seeding ideas for tracks.


The one VST that has really blown my mind is UVI Falcon. Not cheap, for sure, but it just sounds absolutely incredible and the possibilities are truly endless. I just wish I had time to really dig into it.

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I’ve got Falcon. Its pretty good. The presets are way, way weaker than Omnisphere even in the various over-priced expansion packs but the possibilities with its design and workflow are tremendous.


Cool, tx for the info!


Guess it depends what you want to do with those presets. I had the original Omnisphere, what, 10 years ago and I’ve never been impressed by its presets… Granted I haven’t tried Ominsphere 2.


O2 is jolly good. Mostly I find the presets a quick-start to adapting them to something I want to do rather than something I want to use in themselves but for me thats generally always been the case with any softy. They’re also a great tutorial… again same for any softy :slight_smile:


Right - I hear you. I also tweak most presets I start with, to a certain extent. I’m certainly not hardcore into “let’s make my own patch from scratch”, considering presets in 2020 are so numerous and so many are so awesome that it’s a shame NOT to use them! I mean it’s not 1985 when the presets available were “piano”, “flute”, “marimba”, etc. I especially like to mess with sequenced presets, as I love modulation and evolving patterns.


Aye that’s a bit lol because once you understand synthesis in general you learn that most sounds are variations rather than something mysterious and utterly original. The art becomes more about what you do and integrate and change the sounds as they move around each other. Well, at least thats what I think. Others prolly come from other places but I don’t speak for them. Only thing I can guarantee is I have a metric fucktonne of fun when I get at it and hope others do too.