So, this exists

“Over 1200 sounds”. I can only imagine the studio when they were recording this.

No, I did not check for a preset run video on Youtube, but I considered it :crazy_face:

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Nope, just saw that in a KVR email. And apparently, you can buy it:

Nice vst. I have a sidechainer by RGDAudio.

I’m really hoping they used whoopee cushions for this and not shitloads of beans

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That’s how you call it, eh? :joy:

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What’s the fun in that though? Hopefully they did “field recordings”, as opposed to staying in the studio, doing the deed :smile:


I don’t even remember the whole story about it but there used to be this joke VST we used to recommend to newbies on DSF called Ham VST. This reminds me of that.