So...Im personally trying to shut the fuck up on the internet


Trying to stfu on the internet cause too many opinions…exploitative farm of personal data…people using it to destroy other people or get them in trouble…etc…

Im starving myself of things to talk about…so that im less annoyingly opinionated…

Because in looking at social media among the other stuff, i just see people wanting a platform for their opinions and views on things…

Its like they just want to be listened too…

And its almost like adults are engaging in detrimental attentionseeking behavior cause thats what they are accustomed to doing for many years.

…i find myself doing this as well and im trying to stop…

So yeah…Been making the effort to go outside and touch more grass…

I mean no disrepect to idmf…even though in the past i have acted somewhat disrepectful towards idmf…

So yeah im trying to shut the fuck up on the internet.


“Touch more grass…” Cheers to that! :beers:

Not to mention “Look up at the Sky” (my personal favorite)

The social media phenomenon reminds a bit of when the Video Camera was something everyone could own… suddenly people started living with one eye in the camera…mstumbling around and “documenting” everything.

Long before that there was the Telephone :phone: if it rang you had to answer it! If you didn’t get to it time it could ruin your whole week wondering “who called?”

These are all manifestations of Fear of Missing Out.

Somehow… technology adds an irresistible edge to that fear.

Time to go look at the Sky :milky_way:


I never really got into the politics / religion / ‘outrage’ side of the internet. I remember having a facebook profile back in 2009 but being flooded with too much negative shit that I had to delete it the same year, and that was long before everyone went completely nuts on a collective level.

All I can say is that if you’re subscribing to shit (literally or metaphorically-speaking) that isn’t aligned with your life or your sense of purpose, you almost have to ask who designed any of this or who made you give a shit to begin with. But if your true passion is politics, stress, and worrying about problems that are much bigger than you, then that side of the internet has you covered :+1:


I use Facebook everyday. But my feed is almost 100% cat groups, fandom shitposting groups and a few music/gear ones. I mostly lurk in them. I probably wouldn’t use it much except that I have group chats going with friend groups.

Some time during the pandemic I made a conscious effort to think about whether or not it is sincerely worth making a post online whether its a forum or social media. With the right group of people I’ll allow myself casual small talk type posting or joking around (like IDMf is one of the few places I’ll do that). But mostly I ask myself if I am genuinely adding anything to the conversation and If I’m not I don’t post.

I’ve realized that even with most gear posts that people mostly don’t care about my or other’s opinions–they just want enough people to confirm what they already know they are going to do (buy/sell/trade whatever).

I just don’t take anything on the internet too seriously.


Im also trying to break the habit of the negative bs posting aka the adult version of teenage complaining about my world experiences…

Because its bad adulting.


ive got facebook eradicator blocking my fb feed on the computer so i can still use messenger, i have it on my phone but yeah mostly just follow shitposting groups on there.
if i do anything on fb its mostly looking for cheap volcas on fb marketplace


Im not the kanye of idmf so…but tbh garfield without garfield.

Hey An active forum is better than an inactive forum…

But still what am i the unofficial mod of the sideroom…

Fuck my life. Lol.



I’ll be honest I just tune a lot of it out and it isn’t attacking anyone so I’m unconcerned about melting snowflakes in the morning light.

Truck on mate :slight_smile:


Maybe your opinions are just shit. Besides, it’s the internet, it isn’t real life unless you’re dumb enough to tie your real life to your online identities.


:+1: ok thanks.


Block/mute 90% of reality. Offline or online.

I’ve already done it for most of IDMf and I don’t even know you madcuntz :+1:


Sounds like a good method, block everyone on the forum and then… talk to yourself I guess?


Im blocking myself from this forum.


I had facebook when I was in high school, and once I graduated, I deleted it. Skip forward 10+ years, and I opened a new account just for music purposes. That’s all I really use it for now, it is a means to an end…for exposure purposes only. It has become a platform for whining and I ignore all that, it just doesn’t interest me.


Mission accomplished. Im not complaining about politics.