Snufmumriko - the greatest ambient IDM producer noone has heard of


How come no one knows the genius producer Snufmumriko? Just check his masterpiece album below:

It’s too nice for me, and I don’t hear anything to warrant that this producer should be well known. For some reason way too many European dub-techno producers end up wirth this type of dull, faceless “safe-space ambient”. Possibly because they’re dull themselves, - leading dull lives in some boring place with their normal friends, their inbred dogs and their steady salaries, idk. Why do you think this guy deserves to be famous?

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“greatest”, “genius”, “most ambitious”… Hate these kind of terms. I think you’re doing him disfavour here. There are so many great under-rated artists that aren’t that well-known. His discography starts in 2015 so I would consider him still being a fresh artist so it makes sense that not many people heard of his music. That shouldn’t be surprising because of a huge amount of music being releases these days. Music wise it’s pretty good, has some Taylor Deupree vibes. Good stuff but you did a bad introduction to it.

I think we can draw the same conclusion about psytrance but those guys make me wonder if it really is the mundane lifestyle or if there’s something else making them all sound like a copy of a copy of a…

As for this album, it had about just as much character as an average psytrance track from the last three years or so.