Snake has come


Hello all,
I’m new to this forum!
I’m a long time amateur musician, I play guitar, bass, synth and I like to sing a bit.
During the last lockdown months I started to learn a bit about recording/mixing/mastering, I’m a videogame developer and, believe it or not, this helped a lot!
I just finished an EP recorded and mastered by myself, but well, I’ll bother you with that as soon as I’ll hit the requirements to post my music!
My goal here is to continue learning through your advice and share a bit of my knowledge and if possible to partecipate to this forum life (the community projects sound an amazing idea to me) and connect with other musicians!

keep rockin’

Edit: ‘Snake has come’ title because I call my musical project ‘Call me Snake’ like in Escape from NY


Hi there,

welcome to the forum. you cmae to the right place


Welcome to the forum! Nice to meet you : ) We have an admin that works in the video game world here as well. I am going to go ahead and boost your account so you can post where ever. We are kind of in the middle of rallying the forum and encouraging more activity.


Thanks for the welcome and nice to have a fellow dev here!
In the opening post I forgot to mention that I also build pedal effects (overdrive, fuzzes etc), but maybe it is off topic in this forum!


No, far from it. Welcome!


Actually, some of the members have been discussing effects pedals in the hardware megathread. And I think we have a dedicated pedalboard thread somewhere too. Plenty of guitarists around.


Thx for the tip, I didn’t notice those threads!


We love guitar pedals here : ) hardware synth nerds (myself included) and guitar players alike.



I’d be interested to learn about what you have been making!


Welcome to the forum, You are a game developer, it sounds really nice.
This is one of the best forums ever, you will be get happy after spending some days here. I am also fond of to be a game developer, but i don;t know anything about it.


But it says you’ve only been here for 13 hours so far! Are you a fortune teller?


Snake? I heard you were dead. :slight_smile:

Great movies. Anyway, a bit late her myself, but welcome! I have been looking (again after maybe 15 years) into the diy pedal world, as well as having already build a few of my own synths. Always glad to have more maker types here.


you’ve built your own synths?

is there a DIY thread on here?


um…I don’t think so, but there should be. I have so far built a PreenFM2, fiddled with some Raspi stuff and have TSynth waiting on a few parts to start building, so I am just starting on this journey. If you are a builder, why not start a thread on it? :slight_smile: I would chime in where I could.


I am not a fortune teller, but I can say this because of IDM high domain authority. I know, and you must know about it, that why people join this community, so i am saying i this behalf.


I don’t know if there’s a DIY thread here, I didn’t see one.
I built many pedals and guitar circuits, but I never tried with a synth! It’s something I plan to do in the future, but first I have to study a bit.
Another thing that intrigues me is to turn a sega megadrive (genesis) into a synth, but still don’t have any plan about it.


I created one