[Slowcore/ Postrock] That field of red flowers... - A sigh in the storm - FREE

Amidst the chaos and noise, there is a gentle sound…

Guitars that slowly twinkle and weave around each other. Synths that breathe with quiet warmth. Melodies that softly build and shimmer.

‘A sigh in the storm’ draws from late 90s slowcore and atmospheric postrock.

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I will be giving this a much closer listen, but so far it sounds like you nailed the last 90s / early 2000s shoegaze sound. The guitars are spot on for this, as are the sparse drums. I honestly can’t tell if they’re real drums or just samples, and IMO that’s a good thing. I normally wouldn’t say so, but I appreciate how low they are in the mix because there’s so much room for the guitars to shine.

The bass sounds terribly out of place in some songs, like it’s just an unmodulated synth sitting too high in the mix on some tracks and too low on others. Track 5’s low-end sounds the closest to an actual bass to my ears, but it still comes off as a synth without any tweaked envelope parameters. It’s literally the only thing dragging the entire EP down (for me, so far) because it lacks any type of detail compared to everything else, and thus sticks out like a sore thumb sustaining the root notes and not doing much else musically.

With that said, this is a great sound with a lot of character. Will give this a second spin later today.

Cheers for the feedback. The guitars are all done using free amp sims and free plugins. The drums are a free plugin. The bass is a bass synth vst. I will go back and listen again though to explore the mix again. Thanks again for the feedback.