[Slow Techno/Music Video] Dollhead - Burnt Plastic

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ehh, I uploaded this today, The visuals was done by a fellow Irish artist I’ve had my eye on for a while, but there was never a good time, until Covid struck and everyone become unemployed.

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Niiiiiiiiiiiiiice. :vulcan_salute:

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The visuals are awesome. Do I hear a sample of tv static or am frequencies in this track? Nice lo fi industrial vibes.

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No, I got lucky with some synthesis. This is quite a few years old and back then I used to squirrel away spending hours synthesizing every atom of the track, upwards.

the TV static / AM artifacts is probably white noise from this or that hi hat getting folded a bit by a saturator, or the upper frequencies of the bass getting fried by a bit rate reducer.

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Industrial goodness with head spinning visuals :metal:

cool track and video. I’m also starting to get in some video editing.
Did, my first architectural shoot last week with the mavic mini drone.
Sorry for going of topic, but can I ask you which soft you use to edit?
I used the free shotcut software, but I’m not totally convinced about the workflow.

I commissioned an artist to do it.

I did some minor editing to the finished thing, like cropping, importing the mastered audio, and exporting a YouTube-ready-mp4 in ‘Camtasia’ which, I must be honest, was developed mostly by a mate of mine, so the following description is biased.

I would say Camtasia is like the “Propellorheads Reason” of video editing software;
It’s feasible to ‘pick up and use’ if you’re a novice, yet, at it’s engine it performs almost all the functions of a proper video editing, rather then some shitty user end target app.

I can’t recommend it enough.

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