[Slow Techno] Dollhead - Sbenin (2020 Version) (Music Video)

FINALLY got a video made for this.

It only took, about 10 years.

there is something very sticky in the bassy flanger sound that pans around.
I like the vocal in the end. The song has a very strange feeling like it wants to hypnotise and send you in a panic attack at the same time.

Thank you.
I was very ill when I created it.

Nice, simple, clean and clear! 10years paid off! :metal:t5:

Cool vid, and interesting song there. What did you use for the video creation?

I give artists cash to make my videos.
I see a graphic artist I like, and ask them if they wanna do a video, If they do, I commission them.

This one was a graphics student. We worked quite closely together to get to (rather ironically) four minutes of almost pure static. He and I know the visuals that are happening behind it, but they’re almost impossible to make out.

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