Slate/Liquidsonics Lustrous Plates Reverb

You now Im not much of a reverb person, I like 2CAudios and Valhallas, dont use a lot of other although theres admittedly a lot in my list.
Ive been fortunate enough to have been using this over the last month or so. Coming from someone who doesn’t normally tell the difference between a/b, or a connoisseur in sound design and spotting those little nuances. This really stands out. Its hard to describe without using the usual barrage of words; depth, warmth, dimensional, 3D…but I have done so with great integrity.

This baby sounds lush and deep…that’s all I can say :slight_smile: Vocals, strings, synths, drums, guitars…you will hear something quite exceptional. "Now ive gone and over-hyped it so over to Mr Hype himself…SLATE TIME!

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Whoa, that sounds amazing. If this is in an affordable price range, I might have to snag it!!