Shout out for Steinberg Library Manager

My SSD was almost full and I was trying to make some space by moving samples to the HDD. Fine with samples folders, PITA with NI, but with my Cubase samples I found that the Steinberg Library Manager moved my libraries where I wanted with literally I think 3 or 4 clicks.
I never even knew it was there! Why can’t NI have something similar? Or please let me know if they do.

NI: Using Native Access, you can put your library wherever you prefer.

Also: Steinberg’s lock think, whatever it’s called, absolutely prevented me from installing HALion 6. I tried everything, talked with support, etc., to no avail.

I have literally hundreds of VSTs and use iLok on 30+ of them without issues.

The Steinberg locker is the worst piece of software garbage I’ve ever come across. Thanks to it, I can’t use any Steinberg product. Shame.

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Thanks for that. It’s probably not apparent to me which files are associated with each application, but it looks like I can simply uninstall the app through Native Access and then re-install at the new location if all else fails.
I sympathise on the licence/ install issue. I haven’t had that too often but when computer says no it means that.

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For NI, the program files you can leave on the C:drive and move the libraries/sample to a D:drive. Like a lot of folks, my laptop has a tiny SSD (which sucks, but at this point in time, not much can be done about that) and a regular HDD where I try to put everything that doesn’t need to be on the SSD.