Shitty is Pretty


Somebody posted a link to these 2 articles on another forum and I’m so glad they did. They’re written by a producer/engineer talking about how to make gritty funk records. There’s so much to take away from it that applies to all music production IMO and I think this is a very valuable read for beginners or ‘Pros’. even if you don’t learn something its a nice slice of inspiration tackle. I feel that if somebody starting out can read this it might smash a hole in the wall in their brain and allow their thoughts to spill out into this new area and change how they see sound. For me sound is something to be grabbed with both hands and thrown around with abandon! ok I’m getting abstract now here are the links:

Tbh I’m thinking that the first article could be used as a framework to build a techno project around. lots of rules could be extracted from the article that must be followed for example


Finally I can get my funk on. It has never occurred to me in the past, but holy god

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Very nice. Going to have a read here this morning : )

really enjoyed this, thanks for posting it, love the way it’s written as well

Now, this is some real producer shit.

That’s a ton of great information. Good post, saved for sure… definitely some good reading material and well put together!

I honestly enjoyed it just as one writer reading another. The fuck words and snark is like “just enough” to be pleasantly hyperbolic.