Share the stems of your abandoned tracks

this thread is to share the stems of any abandoned tracks or any abandoned tracks you may have…
if you have a creative roadblock, or just completely given up on the track and have no intention on going back to it post the stems or the track here and maybe someone else will take a stab at it,

by uploading the stems/tracks and posting them in this thread you hereby give permission to others to modify and use the stems/tracks you’ve uploaded as they see fit for whatever purposes.

also to those remixers by downloading the stems/tracks you agree to that you will give credit to the person who’s stems you used to derive your tracks from

also idmf nor I bfk are to be held responsible for any of the stems/tracks shared between users or if the stems are to be used by a third party…

@idmf team delete this thread if it causes too much trouble

cheers guys

What about sharing just straight up abandoned tracks? I have a slew of them… they were partially abandoned because of windows updates, project changes, or new installs that wrecked the project files… I have so many partial renders that could be prime for people to fuck with.


That’s fine to

Here’s a chunk of my abandoned tracks… Maybe some of you can do something cool with these. I’ve compiled these b-side unfinished renders since 2006, some of them have just completely been victim to new installs, new DAW techniques, and loss of inspiration.

It’s totally fair game.

Yes every song starts with the letter “c”. hehe

Preview them here:

Download the batch of them here:

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Taken a few days to think on this one:

I have some electro, and other oddities I could be up for sharing if people are interested.

Here’s a sample of one of the electro house songs.

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Ended up making my c-sides playlist public if anyone for whatever reason has awful taste and wants to jam it out sometime. I actually think LUFS difference aside, these rejects make kind of a cool audio journey.

(see post above, for some reason my link doesn’t work)

edit* I figured it out.

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Do you still have the stems to these by any chance? I’d love to take a stab at club 2074

I’ll have to do some digging - I think i might. I actually made that track to develop a stepchart for ITG (basically a Dance Dance Revolution clone).

Let me do some drive looking and I’ll get back to ya :slight_smile:

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a few stems i made a few years ago of which i haven’t used so here:

Hi guys, i thought i could share with you some of my unused but non the less pretty cool patterns all 100% handcrafted, no sample used, all around a cinematic approach of music, may be used as cuts, intro, bridges, outro, you decide … nearly 50 patterns of dark, cinematic, few distorted, some arps as well. All recorded as it, no post process. All in 44 or 48 Khz, 32Bits. Free of use of course :wink: & all mixed in keys (forgot which but still), no random notes or off key stuff.

1.20 Gigs of content

Good tweak.

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well that’s very generous

it’s unused, gets dust so … pleasure.
some of the stuff is quite cheesy as i always start with melodies & therefore pushed it a bit far sometimes but hey … that’s me.

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@everyone free sample pack


stems for my track i broke your song

Heres a song I made thats sitting around. also if your an asian american artists that would be down collaborate, lemme know

Some guitar samples guitar samples
Made with this great piece of library Opacity 2

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