SCSI2SD Adapter


I wanted to free myself from SCSI Zip discs/drives. I ordered a SCSI2SD adapter for my Korg Triton.

I also got the DB25 adapter. It took a month to get here from China, though there may be U.S. distributors for the newer models. I specifically chose the 5.0 version because someone had designed a 3D printed case for it. The whole thing is a little larger then a pack of smokes.

I got the case printed in clear, so it lights up with disk activity. The Triton seems to only see disks up to 4 GB in size, so I formatted my 16 GB micro SD card into 4 partitions, each with it’s own SCSI ID.

Works great, and it’s blazingly fast. I power it with a 5 volt micro USB adapter. The whole setup cost around $120, well worth it.


That is awesome man. Honestly, you know you’ve arrived in your hardware setup when it’s the little pieces like this that really make all the difference.

I remember trying to figure out how to make DnB/Jungle with just a Korg Triton and an early DAW with my buddy. I think we mostly ended up just making crazy sounds and smoking weed. My friend had also got this home made multiple DVD tutorial series on the Korg Triton. It was totally made by some tweaked AF hillrod in a trailer who was super into Micro/Fidget House from the 90s. But dude really knew his shit.


Thanks dude. It works great, the only hangup, is that I can’t view 3 of 4 partitions on my PC. So I’m researching that.


Just generally speaking it is kind of funny how some of the analog gear is in many ways more compatible than the digital stuff that came later.

Hope you get it sorted : ) (btw, the 3D printed case looks great, good choice on the clearish).


Yeah, the old tech was pretty killer. I’d still be using it but went to mostly ITB.
If I don’t get it figured out, I’ll just get a pile of 4 GB micro SD cards.
I don’t sample with the Triton so 4 GB holds quite a lot of sequences etc.