Scifi thread


All thing scifi related…

I remember reading something but im not sure if it even exists…or whether it was a dream…

Basically its like anthology stories…i think its like cloud atlas meets babylon 5 and futurama beyond the green yonder…

So its the end of the world an either earth or an earth colony. That civilization is ending due to a war with another civilization that is ancient and hominid like but not hominid…and some people escape on a spaceship to deep space and come across a sentient multidimensional multiuniversal alien several universes old alien being/thing that exists in the the vacuum of space and its in the process of asexual reproduction to bring life to another one of its kind in order to seed a new universe with life.

But anyways post share anything scifi whether it be books art tv shows or whatever…


Sounds interesting, but no idea what that was.

Witrh reagrd to Cloud Atlas, I’m a big fan of both book and movie. I think they did a really great job to adapt the book for cinema. The book is different in a few regards and especially has a completely different structure with regard to how the different stories are told and combined, but the changes the Wachowskis and Tykwer did fit the movie perfectly imho.


The book has a perfect parabolic structure, starting with the first half of the “oldest” story and progressing linearly to the futuristic stories, telling the last story completely and then back with the remaining halves of the stories, ending with the second part of the oldest story. It’s pretty much perfect imho, but I would say the same about the more chaotic or narrative/scene-driven structure of the movie. In terms of content, I think beside many other interesting aspects it is one of the best works of art combining multiple very different aspects and dimensions of social inequality in a more or less easily accessible and unobtrusive way.


Yeah i think it was just a dream i had