Save a French Radio

Hi all,
If it’s not the right place to do it, just erase my post, i’ll cope with it.
So, here’s my call …
FrequenceParisPlurielle is a small, independent French Radio built in 1992.
Built as an association, the Radio has always been independent.
According to the “1901” law, created by Waldeck Rousseau, Council President back then, any association must work on a “non-profit” rule to raise the subsidies from the government.

Today, the government is about to change this law.
So, on 1 side, the government don’t allow you to make profit & on the other side, cuts the subsidies, meaning that the small radios are all gonna die.
This Radio has always had the goal to spread the mic for minorities, they fights for the “little” people, the homeless, the unemployed, the open-minded, the disabled, the feminists, the immigrants, the abandoned, the left aside …
Today, this Radio is about to die.
Help us to survive.


Found Raising for Fréquence Paris Plurielle Radio

Click the link, spread the word, maybe that’s what the net is meant for …
Any amount, even 1 dollar, euro, the more people, the better help.


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Looking at the link you posted:

“Elle fait entendre toutes les musiques qui dérangent et se fout de l’industrie du disque.”

Which roughly tranlsates into something like:

“She (the radio station) plays all the music that disturbs and does not care about the record industry.

Why would I support a radio station like that?

“the” record industry, IN FRANCE, which works differently from other countries , this radio supports the independents labels.
A lot of artists get ripped off by some companies when they stream their album & get 60 cents per track (just to name this fruit one).
For instance, Bandcamp has a fair trade statement.
But, hey, you got the right not to help of course.

p.t.o : i like your “Tailored Approach To Upholstery Cleaning”


In my opinion, the dichotomy of “independent vs. corporate” (where one is good and the other is bad) - is false.

Some big labels are run by ethically sound individuals, who actively support the music community in many different ways, - while some small indie labels are run by absolute ass-holes, who only think of making themselves rich as fast as possible (like gangster rappers for example).

And telling which is which, is not as simple as just looking at the size of people’s wallets.

Running a succesful business doesn’t automatically make you evil.

Some of the people you’re asking for money by posting here on the forum, have most likely already released music on major labels - or are hoping to do it in the future.

I hope you see my point.

In any case - when you ask someone for money, telling them that you don’t care about them - is not excactly a brilliant strategy.

I never said that.

Everyone chooses his own path, i’m ok with that.

I’m talking about the French Laws regarding associations.
When you build association to gather people together, you must not make money, that’s how the “1901 association’s” law work in France.
So, to make a living out of your project, you raise founds all around & the government helps you in the process.
The government decides to cut the subsidies & in the mean time, you still have no rights to make money.
So, unless you’re a big company, in France, you can’t get subsidies, can’t make money, so you’re dead.
That’s all i meant.
No hurt guys, really.

I can understand how this could cause problems for a lot of people in similar types of social projects.

Having your government support cut off sucks balls. I get that.

My point is more that the fundraiser just basically told people like me to fuck off, - which seems like a strange and unnessecary thing to do in their situation. It’s not like a donation from me would force them to play ABBA and Kylie between their homeless/junkie/prostitute interviews (at least I don’t think so). The only way I can understand it, is that they simply don’t need the money enough to bother being polite about it. They are literally being choosing beggars here.

It’s romantic in a way, and astoundingly arrogant at the same time - a very French combination;)

Which is fine by me, - everyone chooses their own path, indeed.

Personally I think I would rather support someone else.

This is so cliché :wink:

It might sound like it i agree, but, for knowing few people who work there, they’re really involved & passionate about their job.

No probs.


Salut Acre, funny I had never heard of frequence paris plurielle. How long have you been working there? I’m friends with some people from Radio Libertaire, specifically the Oreilles Libres program. Have you heard of them?
I appreciate the mission sociale you’re promoting on your website, I wish you luck with the fundraising and I hope you can keep it up.

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Good luck with keeping that station alive!

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No, never heard of, i’ll check soon.
I’ve passed my diploma with a person who work there, never personally worked physically on this radio, i shared some of my ambiant work for some special program, but appart from that, no.
I’m a friend of a technician there, that’s why i spread the word for them, as they’re really nice people, involved in their stuff, they deserve it, even though you don’t agree with the philosophy, which i can totally understand, thanks democracy, but still …

They’ve always done their hole in the business since lately, all the smalls in France are struggling.

I’ve just checked your radio … sounds pretty shaky (don’t know if it’s the right word) as well :wink:
I’ve linked it in my browser, look forward to hear some …