Sample Pack Cover Art: Submissions closed


Title says it all here. same deadline of January 8th for submissions. This time around, we are going to do things a bit different and provide some art direction. Since this is a sample pack about ambient, spacey sounds, we want art that says that too. So make it dark, make it cold, make it minimal. We have never really set a fixed standard for the size of art submissions, but please consider 1400x1400 pixels as the desired size. We call also crop from larger works of course.

We are also looking for artwork ONLY, not covers. The label team will take care of the lettering and such. We look forward to your creative visions!



My submission for cover art.


Idk. Low resolution. Wonder if void is cold and empty. Might be full of yet unknown particles or ether. Some aliens flying around.
I hope this shit is not too cringy for yall art design professionals.


Oops, I guess I did not close this one… Doh.

Just to round this off, the subs are closed of course, and as posted in the sample sub thread, we did not get enough to do a pack with at this time. Your visual subs are however fantastic and I would like to hold on to them for use in later label projects. Any such use would of course be preceded by asking the artist’s permission, just to be clear.

Thanks again for your efforts!