Sample pack challenge


I know it’s slow around here these days, and if this sinks to the bottom that’s alright, too. But I had an idea for those of us who are still making stuff pretty consistently and want to do musical (or sound?) things outside of their / our creative comfort zones.

The idea:

Anyone can recommend a sample pack idea. Something like, “Manipulated toilet sounds!” (hopefully you have better ideas than my example) – and then somebody (me, or others who want to join in) will create a pack, big or small, related to that idea.

Hopefully what could eventually happen (if there’s enough interest) is that more than just once user could create sample packs related to a single idea – for example, if user #1 challenges the metaphorical ‘group’ to “Household Sounds Volume 1”, I could make a pack, you could make a pack, and there’s no doubt that these would be entirely different from one another, meaning that it would be far from redundant if a few people joined in on a single challenge.

Lastly, I’m sure some recommended packs won’t be doable, so if nobody challenges us to “Skydiving sounds” or something unattainable for most of us, that’s perfectly OK as well. The more challenge ideas, the more likely something is to stick. You know, like boogers on a wall or something.

Anyway, if anyone wants to start by recommending us a pack, maybe we can gain a bit of traction!


I’ll also put a starter prompt here, just for fun: Doom guitars!


I’ll help with any admin power stuff you need and hopefully with the challenge/project as well.

Unfortunately I do not play guitar : )


Drums are harder and also a better work out…and if you have rhythm and can dance your halfway there


Weirdly, if you start with drums everything else seems harder! You start asking really dumb questions, like “Ok, cool riff, but can I pull off twice as many hammer-ons in the same period of time?”