Roli Lightpad Block M

Anybody out there have one of these, or played with one?

I’m interested in getting this little fun tool, but am a bit weary of what I’ll be able to do with it.

Love the ideal of having a tool I can set up with a few octaves, run a vst or sample into and just create on the fly!

This video is super inspirational!

Love the idea of it, but sadly no experience with it so far - only with the Seaboard Block, which is great, so I expect this to be very useful, too! Imho, this and the QuNeo (and some more crazy stuff such as the gloves) are probably among the most expressive controllers you can get if you don’t want to get a full Seaboard or Linnstrument or similar “big” MPE controller.

Don’t know why I hated on the Seaboard back when my father in-law asked me about them years ago, but MPE controllers seem really neat!

Think it was the fact that I felt like it was yet another “big” controller, and expressed to him that I having a lot of hardware at home is what I’ve cut out. The LinnInstrument was another toy that came out, and I drooled, but once again stuck to my guns about “fancy” controllers! haha

Seaboard blocks are pretty fun I take it? How does it all work if you don’t mind me asking? Do you just plug in whatever VSTi/vst/ soft synth/sample you want, and then map them out to whatever parameters? Or do they function more as a use these set apps/vst?

:champagne: cheers

Sometimes, yes, but it depends on synths, MPE controllers and instruments. For some stuff (such as SWAM), you even have presets for LinnStrument and Seaboard and other controllers, for others MPE doesn’t work at all (also in many DAWs), so you can only use monophonic expression. It’s not always plug-n-play. But that also means it’s very flexible and you can assign whatever you want if you have a good synth and/or DAW (for instance, Bitwig is good with MPE, Live is still not useful for this at all - meaning you have to build racks with multiple instances to use synths in a pseudo-MPE way or you just use monophonic expression, meaning sticking to playing one note at a time :wink: )! Just yesterday I started a MPE thread you can also check out: Fav synths and VIs for playing with MPE instruments - #11 by metaside


Will jump in on that discussion as well, but want to leave this for later conversations about this little toy!

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Dude, that looks fucking awesome. I’m curious to learn more… I could see things like this used in tandem with other controllers to give for a really unique live effect versus standard CDJ performances.

@nose - yeah that’s what i’m thinking I’d like to do with it. Do my usual producing, but also just dial in some of my original sound design into this block for a jam, live set, etc… so many possibilities with this little block! haha… damn holidays!