Rixtrs production secrets n tips

so here you will find some interesting tips and tricks i have learned over time, to bypass my brain injuries limitations while producing mixing etc.
i hope you find them useful.
I will start with eq and mixing.
i have found using my motu 828mk 3 is a fantastic tool.any interface will do.
i also use it to watch movies netflix and what have you.
so what you say?
if you have a cheesy pair of soso pc speakers, plug them in to your audio interface.
even the headphone jack will work
pick out some random 90’s music video’s on youtube(these are best to use as the mixes back then were wanting.
now here is the simple tip
play the video on your crappy speakers,and eq the sound until it sounds good.
play with compressor as well.now let thet the next song play and you will notice it sounds different.
so eq and mix that as well.repeat this with random tracks playing.even old tracks will auto play and some you might not like.be sure to mix the commercials as well.you will hear for yourself later.
as you are doing this,you will notice that it gets easier after 4-5 tracks,and you become faster at it.
after about 8-9 tracks you will notice that you do not have to put much effort into it.
oh mix the commercials too this is important.
now you have just made your own baseline start eq for your tracks.
and your compressor!
and you have just exercised and improved your mixing skills.
you can apply this to mastering as well.
you can do this on your monitors but it wont have the same effect.
your monitors sound great right out the gate.so you are lulling your ears into a trance.
crappy speakers are the key.if you are listening to something that already sounds great well…
so yeah an excellent tool for you.odd i admit.but it works.it also takes the monotony out of practicing.
try it you will be pleasantly surprised how well this works and how quickly you can adapt to frequencies.
in conclusion software is just a tool.you can’t have mad skillz ,letting the software do the work.
use your ears and talent.after awhile very quickly actually,this method works wonders.
you may find yourself randomly mixing youtube videos just to see if you can.that my friends is the
until next time


I’ve got some crappy speakers out in the annex… hooked up to an old 4track reel to reel, an AM FM Stereo amplifier and a little Berlinger mixer.

I also bring my IPad or laptop into the mix. A little awkward… but I’m getting used to it.

It is definitely a learning experience for my ears. :ear::sunglasses::ear:

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I love how outside the box your method is. I do find myself occasionally opening two instances of YT for random mega mixes of my all time favs.