Returning after a LONG time

Hello, my name is Xander Blake. You can call me Dream, or Fax. I first joined this site back in, oh man… 2008? I think I mostly posted here as [Aliensub]. I was about 15 back then. Since that time, I’ve gone on to do a lot. I have a family now, run a new small record label, and even have occasional employment in the music industry.

But, I’ve come to notice something troubling. In my experience working with FaceBook and YouTube as well as other sites, I’ve noticed that more and more often these platforms are dictating to people what should be popular. Manipulating what’s seen and by who. And recently it has come to light that, without a doubt, it is to protect the interests of those already in powerful positions within the media sphere.

This disgusts me. What were once great tools are now nothing more than advertising platforms for those who can pay.

Which bring me to why I came back here.

I know this place. I called it home, once. And the people here helped me grow into who I am, by teaching me the things I needed to know. This type of place is where the real underground is, and it’s time to get back to my roots.

I’ll be trying to get my roster signed up and posting here, maybe others too. I’m currently working with a new upload platform’s owner very closely, so I’ll see if I can get some traffic from him as well.

EDM was ours. It was never meant to be a contest of numbers. It was our self-expression. I feel it’s time we make that really important again.


Interesting to hear that. Welcome!

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You’re not the only one. We’ve had a lot of old hands coming in lately. Very cool to see and happy to have you. We had to throw out the old website last year and lost everything from before, so you won’t be as far behind as you’d imagine.


Then, it’s time to repopulate. I’ll begin sharing my work and the work of our artists soon, too.


Welcome to the forum.

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Welcome to hell.
Will you listen to my demo?


Well, come, we’ll change nothing but we’ll have fun

Welcome back; your message of needing to find a community that isn’t focused on keeping those who already made it on top was very nice. Is there anywhere i can hear any of your work? Would love to see what you’ve done over the years.

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That was from the heart :heart: @Dream-Machine welcome back. Looking forward to your music. :sunglasses:

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