Restart - Cubase Pro/Artist other DAW's?

Hey guys,
in the past I have experimented with cubase. I always got along reasonably well from the structure. Is it worth to buy the Pro / Artist version or which experiences did you have, or which DAW’s do you work with? I have been out of this topic for a long time. Thanks!

Well, a lot of them are fairly similar these days in terms of capabilities, if not workflow directly. Personally, I’d recommend Ableton Live 10 just because so many people use it that there’s plenty of information out there on how to make it do what you want. But really I think all the major DAWs offer highly functioning demos, so try them out for yourself.

Bitwig is also a very interesting one with some unique capabilities when it comes to MPE controllers.

If you’re on mac, I have to mention protools, and if not I believe part of that dev team split off to make Presonus Studio 1. There’s also Reason, Reaper, FL Studio (which is what I use), and probably more that I’m forgetting. But I think if you check everything I’ve mentioned here, your bases are covered.

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First of all many thanks for the feedback! I work with the X1 Xtreme from Lenovo, so no Mac’i. I don’t really like Ableton Live 10 visually. Is it true that audio editing is very limited with Live? The price is in the same range around 500$. As EDU Cubase offers “only” the Artist version. Live 10 in contrast to the suite version completely for about $400.

Editing is somwehat limited in Live. For more detailed editing I use Soundforge, set up as external “sample editor” in Live, - so that If I press “edit” on an audio file in Live, it automatically opens the file in Soundforge (and updates the file in live after saving the edit in SF). It’s works OK, but it can sometimes be a bit clunky as well.

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Thank you for the tip Belafoman! Think I’ll stay faithful to Cubase. I worked with Fruity Loops 15-16 years ago. But it turned out well if you look at the current version. Thanks for the feedbacks together. Have a sunny Sunday!

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I’d recommend the Live 10 + Sound Forge 11+ combo as well, just because I use it.

FL Studio 20’s trial will actually rewire directly into Live for $0 legally, so you can get almost 100% usage out of it (just mind the white noise blasts every once in a while which you can edit out with sound forge, of course) without even paying another cent. AFAIK, reason will do the same thing… so you have plenty of fun choices of trials that will rewire audio straight into Live.

Also, the Max for Live integration with Live 10 alone makes it superior to most DAWs, in my humble opinion.

I hope this helped. Choose wisely :smiley:


Thanks for the tip with soundforge. Will try it now cause i need some mastering tools also. Price seems ok.

That’s not true:

I’m a long time Cubase user and I’m sticking with it because I know it very well and I’m comfortable with it. But if I was starting over right now, I’d probably go with Reaper instead. The UI might not be as slick as Cubase, but it’s infinitely configurable and customizable. I’m jealous of the sub-project functionality. There are constant bug fixes and improvements and you don’t need to shell out $200 every year or two for updates.

But you really can’t go wrong with any modern DAW, as they all provide the bulk of functionality anyone would need to make music in roughly the same way. So just demo a couple quickly and go with the one you click with more.

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With EDU i mean the educational version. Didn’t seen one for the Pro. Sound Forge is a really nice tool. Tryed some limiters and the export functions don’t need to hide either. At the moment I do not have any good monitoring devices. But i think its ok so far.

Thanks everyone! Great community support here!

Did you follow my link? I see EDU version of Pro for $359/339 (depending where you live). Regular version is $559

K see now. I looked in the local shops here music-store cologne etc. Thx!

hello i am using renoise :slight_smile:


Hey theusername24! You mean a VST plugin? Never heared about a DAW called that. Greetings from Aachen.

ED: -> this one ok :

Your’e happy with that?

yes Mr. Maty , i am very happy with it , tho as u know creativity finds a way around any daw . i used to play with fl and ableton , cubase as well but ive found that using renoise is alot more accessible, at least for me it is

Im there with you! Think you will never use every 20000 features of the so called “PRO” Versions. Only available in 32bit i read. But has a nice background and started as community project. Greetings and thanks!

ED: Release Notes for Renoise 2.8.0 | Renoise

OK also available in 64bit!