Remix Competitions

3 posted so far and nothing outstanding. One of the subs is so unbalanced its top heavy and the hi end is totally overstaurated in a bad way (the one where the intro loops about 3 times before the earshock kicks in).
Ones very 90s garage house vibe.
None have anything unique, solid or groundbreaking as yet. So give it up and get in there you fookers ;~)


Wow. OK. So I made a profile. Can’t get the stems. Asks to link my facebook. Bit bold of them to just assume I have one but fine. Oh wait that didn’t work. OK well at least I can check out the track while I figure this out… OH WAIT it’s only on spotify and I can’t listen there without making another account I didn’t want.

Thanks but no thanks. If they want a submission they can figure out how to make their website and resources work without me having to jump through this many hoops. I have better shit to do with my time than make 3 new accounts so I can do one remix. Metapop has this thing figured out, if I feel like doing a remix I’ll go back to them.

Lol I haven’t even bothered to listen to the stems yet…