Releasing music under your own name

I know this has probably been done on the last forum, but it’s 2020 and I can’t travel to the past yet!

Personally, I think this is cheesy as fuck, especially when you pull a LEM and put pictures of your awesome mullet on every cover (see my post in the terrible covers thread for reference). Or at least that’s what I’ve always told myself for some reason.

The problem for me is that I spend most of my free time dedicated to music and art, so I always have a new project in the works. In the past I’ve been inclined to make new SC, BC, etc pages dedicated to a new project (and even get a few listeners interested in each for a short while), but now that I’m old as fuck I tend to just store what I’ve made and essentially never release it.

Now, I’m beginning to think that there’s a reason why people do it; it saves you the pretentiousness of coming up with some ‘ultra cool’ name, you can just release what you’ve made (sometimes regardless of genre) under your name, and then you have a basic central hub for all of your shit.


  • Cheesy! Don’t ever do it!
  • Righteous! I (might) even do it!

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Unless musicing is your main hustle I’d advise against it…dont want unwanted attention when your walking the street…
I dont do it because I’m just mediocre and music isnt even one of my hustles…its me fingerpainting.


It can be a statement, like “my stuff stands for itself so I don’t have to care for a cool name or any packaging”. Why not. I personally even use Metaside for my sound and preset design, reviews and so on, anything music-related, really - the main reason for this is that in reality, it’s not really me, but something that I summoned by accident when playing with my first wavetable synth has taken possession of me ever since!

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I’ve turned to using my given name because I’m terrible at coming up with names. Also, I’ve got a memorable, pleasant face (or so I’m told, but I assume there’s some credence as I did some child acting and such and I get random old managers I don’t know recognizing me in the street every now and then). So I figure best to use that and see if I can’t make this go somewhere.

And as far as different projects and styles go, to me it’s all me and I wouldn’t want to hide any of my work from anyone who might be interested. I impressed in one of my day job interviews by showing them that I taught myself how to use a DAW, so I could learn accounting software too.

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For me it is a bit like self indulgent, really but whatever, I want to listen to the music and if it doesn’t suck, you can call yourself fucking papa doc for I am concern…

Word… Though I do feel like my “project name” or whatever we’re calling it is sorta cringey now. I made it 20+ years ago and I got a few snickers when I told people I know (i.e. they found out about it and asked me and I didn’t lie…), so now I’m not sure what to do. It doesn’t help that my given name is sort of cumbersome and long and not easy to remember.

Not for me, I like annexing sounds and design into their respective “projects”.

I felt like if I were to use my real name it’d be a commitment and the first release would be the “defining release” by myself. I hate when bands don’t change their name and do a complete 180 on their style, and it’d be doing that over and over if I just had one single umbrella.

Although that’s just one twat’s opinion. :beers:


I say if the issue is coming up with a name, besides using some type of nick name in a neat fashion, like an abbreviated way, just use some gamer handle.

Besides my first moniker, Bx3, meaning Beastie Boy Baker, I’ve used multiple gaming names over the years. We all have to make names for games, so it seems fitting and to some degree, familiar to gamer people. At least to me.

My name is also uninteresting and I’m definitely not at or ever got ng to be at a point where I’m making stuff that people give a shit about any of that, on a reoccurring nature.

I do it for funs.

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when I first started to think about an alias to release my music I sort of brainstorm what my music would be like and all the routes led me to twists and turns. My life has been nothing but twists and turns so I came up with the name Tale Twist, which sort of summarises my personality, my life and what I like as a producer and as a music lover and it actually leads the listener to my world, sort of speak.